Best dog food in India – 10 best dog foods

Best Dog food in India

Best dog food in India – Dog food is a food that we give to the dog for their betterment growth. Dog food is very much important for the proper growth of dogs especially for trained dogs, like military forces, Police, or anywhere. As you know, Dogs are very important animals for the safety of humans. Sometimes we treat dogs very brutely, Even in china they made a dog meat festival in which they killed thousands of dogs and use dog meat for celebrations. 

The dog is considered the most trustworthy and very loyal animal. Dog proves it’s loyalty in every platform even after your death, Dog didn’t forget you. There is a time in your life when you are unhappy with your life That time you start dog breeding, Dog will care for you, Treat you well, Love you unconditionally, Becameyour best friend, support you in any situation.

The dog is very loyal towards its owner, Dog is the only animal which is used for safety purpose, Either in forces, police, etc. The dog also helps to detect the chief by its smelling power. Dog help to identify the criminal. 

There are many more good things about dogs. It’s our responsibility to give them good food, People usually take care of dogs in order to protect them from any difficulty. People love drog breeding, especially in India. 

Wherever you go, you will see dogs either it’s a celebrity or a business man.

Best dog food in India – 10 best dog food 

  • 1- Pedigree
  • 2 – Drools
  • 3 – Farmina N&D grain-free
  • 4 – Ardan Grange 
  • 5 – Himalayan 
  • 6 – Nutra gold 
  • 7- Taste of the wild 
  • 8 – Grain zero
  • 9 – Orijen
  • 10 – Royal Cannin

These are the top 10 best dog food, To choose the best Dog food is our priority, And we have to be very sure before choosing any dog food. If we are given a healthy diet to our dogs, it will help in maintaining the softness of their furry coat and keeping them away from infections and other infectious diseases while. Along with these things, Help to maintain their physical fitness and activeness.

That’s it is extremely important to conduct comprehensive research before picking out any snack for your pet. Check the label carefully, at the time of picking dog food. This will help to ensure that your pet is getting all the essential nutrients.

Pet’s age: This one is the very essential point, Dog food is mainly dependent on their age and the requirement of their body. Because puppies need more meat for their growth and development, on the other hand, adult dogs need Nor high nor low, overall they need a balanced diet.

Breed:- Breed is the important point to be considered at the time of picking a dog food, Because all breeds have different average sizes, their food requirements also vary. Therefore, choose the best dog food, according to their breed. These all are very basic and important points to be considered at the time of choosing a dog food. Your small mistake could be caused by harm to your dog.

Best Dog food in India – Pedigree

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

Pedigree is a very famous and Best dog food in India. Pedigree has made its a good reputation for providing good quality food product. Their manufacturing process begins only after the proper research and analysis of the nutritional requirement of the dog. Their ultimate goal is to bring out the best in dogs by serving them everything they deserve for leading a healthy lifestyle.

They are very sure about their product quality. Give Nutritional products. Protect your dog from any disability. Make your dog strong. Help in the development of strong bones. I’m sure after using pedigree dog food you will never be disappointed with their service. 

Best Dog food in India – Drools 

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

Drools have famous for their best quality of dog food. Drool food contains a combination of chicken and egg. They used good quality of the meal and used a fresh meal. They have maintained a good balance of cleaning and good quality. Because cleaning us the very important step of every food. 

Their main popularity because of their proper and clean use of flesh in manufacturing their product.

  • Improve digestiom 
  • Help in their growth 
  • Help in maintaining good hair in skin

Best dog food in India – Orijen 

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

Orijen is dry dog food. Orijen is a good dog brand that contains all the necessary ingredients to make their product. Orijen is a company which genuinely think about their customers, their requirement, and maintain a good relationship.

Orijen is considered as the one the best dog food brand in India, unsightly best in their quality and made a good reputation in the Indian market. People easily rely on Orijen without thinking twice. 

Best Dog food in India – Ardan Grange

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

Ardan Grange is a weaning puppy dog food. It’s wet dog food. Dog food is not formally, it’s our responsibility, that we should give the best quality food to our dog. Arden grange provides the best food with good quality.

And do you know, This company is owned by the Dog owners? So, there is no question about its quality. Dog do their work with loyalty so they deserve the best food for their better development 

Their products contains Various essential ingredients like –

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals 
  • Fibers
  • Fat 

These all help to balance your digestion Support and increase your growth. 

Best Dog food in India – Taste of wild 

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

It’s dry dog food. Sometime your dog didn’t want to eat or avoid food. So that time you have to change their food with some new food. Even humans can be bored by eating the same food so animals also are bored. 

For this, you should choose “Taste of wild”Because they contain lots of different varieties in terms of taste and flavor. Includes – Salmon, Roasted bison, Roasted fowl, Roasted lamb favors.

I’m sure your dog will surely love these varieties. Not only in taste but they also contain some natural antioxidants which help in the growth and development of your dog.

Best Dog food in India – Royal cannin 

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

A listed top dog food brand. One of the oldest dog food brands. It Contains essential ingredients that help in the faster growth of dog .like, Rice, Proteins. You can get their product at an affordable price. They made a good reputation in the market  There dog food products are easily available in small markets.

Best Dog food in India – Farmina N& D grain-free 

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

Farmina N and D has gained great popularity with grain free range of products. This product has made a good reputation in the market and had never been recalled for any kind of issue. Farmina is one of the best dog food companies all over the world world. 

Farmina is an Italian brand. Like other best brands, they also contain some essential ingredients which are helpful in the growth and development of the dog. It includes- 20% of oats with other healthy things like Rice which is easier to digest as compared to corn. 

And It has 60% fresh chicken meat. They can also 35% crude protein, which is known as the highest dog food product available in India.

Best dog food in India Nutra Gold

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

It’s a dry dog food product that is certified by AFFCO. They contain essential ingredients, which help in the better development of dogs. The ingredients include – turkey, chicken, and good quality meats. They also contain – Grains. This food is highly recommended for an adult dog. 

Best Dog food in India Himalayan 

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

Himalayan as the name itself tells everything. No need to give an introduction to this company. Himalayan has mainly famous for its products like Facewash, cream, lotions, shampoos but along with that, They also made dog food, which is considered as best dog food. 

Their dog food has a high amount of proteins The product claims, that their dogfood fulfills the need of dogs by providing meat (for adults) and chicken (for puppies). They contain Various herbs, like – Giloy which is helping to boosts immunity. 

There are many other herbs as well which are good for dog metabolism and liver health, and making the product the best natural dog food in India. They can also contain macro-nutrient like crude protein 24%, crude fiber 10%, fiber 5%.

Best dog food in India – Grain Free

Best Dog food in India
Image – Best dog food in India

Grain-free is the best dog food available on the market. Their dog food is specially made for active adult dogs because they need quite a bit of energy to remain active and healthy. They contain very essential ingredients, which help in the better development of dog muscles and bones

They contain – salmon, trout, and sweet potato, all of these are full of nutrients like amino acids, omega-3, and complex carbs. And they all are very easy to digest. along with adult dogs, they also meet the nutritional requirements of both larger breeds and smaller breeds. 

Best dog food in India – Important points to be remembered at the time of buying dog food 

First, check all the ingredients used in their manufacturing. Check the product for puppies or adult dogs. Use a good brand of dog food. Don’t forget to check the breed type. Make sure there are no harmful preservatives available. Only after checking all these things, then you can buy dog food for your dog.

These points are very much important if you make a small mistake that could because of harm to your dog. Do you the important thing about puppies and adult dogs. In comparison to adults, dog puppies need more calories, vitamins, protein,  minerals, for their better growth.

And adult or Older dogs need a balanced diet nor high nor low because if they take such a heavy diet, they wouldn’t be able to stay healthy. After checking all the important information, then you can pick a dog food. 

As you know, Meat and eggs are the two most important sources of protein and amino acids for dogs. I suggested you while choosing dog food you should check these items in the ingredients list. There are some other important ingredients like Grains, grains are the main sources of vitamins, minerals, and carbs, 

You can also see ingredients like grains rice, oatmeal, millet, or some vegetables like potato and sweet potato, these all things are essential to fulfill your dog’s carbohydrates requirements because these all are very easy to digest for dogs.

A dog’s body needs protein for its better development and maintenance of the muscles and bones. We all are humans, we could get or proteins from various sources, like a Paneer, Milk, Soya-bean, But if we give these proteins to the dog, these proteins are somewhat useless or not enough according to their body requirements, because they couldn’t use it due to having a carnivore digestive system.

The best dog food is one, which satisfies all the protein needs of a dog. And help them to get all the essential things that help in their better growth and development. 

I hope you can understand all these points very carefully and get complete knowledge about dog food, it’s the type and everything about dogfood. Because if we are expecting something from the dog, first we have to give them proper care or diet, which help them in their growth and they can help you in every situation.

The dog has considered the most loyal animal even the dog is more loyal than humans. IF we give them a good diet full of proteins, vitamins, minerals these things fulfill their body requirements, so the dog can easily do their work and protect you from any harmful situation.

Frequently asked questions 

  1. Why dog food is important for dogs? 

    This one is a very nice and important question Because some people thought “why should we buy all this dog food “instead of dog food, we can give them our homemade things. Dog food is very much important for dogs because it contains a healthy and proper diet for dogs which includes various essential nutrients, protein vitamins, fibers, etc. All necessary ingredients are provided in dog food which will help for their better growth and development. I think after reading this full article you will get to know about all your queries related to dogfood and I’m sure this article will not only help you to solve your query along with that this article helps you to get the best dog food.

  2. Why dog age is important while picking dog food? 

    Dog age is a very important factor while choosing dog food because puppies need more meat than adults. Adults need a balanced diet. So that’s why age considered an important factor. 

Best Natural dog food in India 

If you are looking for the best natural dog food, you should go with Himalayan dog food, because they contain various herbs in their dog food with other essential nutrients Which help in the better development of the dog.


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