Best chinos brand in India – Top 6 Best chinos brands

Best chinos brand in India

Best chinos brand in India – chinos are very casuals type pants which main usually wear, Chinos is the twill fabric which from, pure cotton,  chinos are the type of trousers, now they called chinos. Chinos are the type of pants which is made from cotton and which aren’t sharp and dressy enough to be worn, as part of a formal outfit. These chinos are designed to make you feel comfortable while wearing them. 

You can wear chinos in a  casual and semi-casual piece of clothing. Men love to wear chinos, Because of their neatness, and theirs are various combinations of suits with chinos like you can wear the versatile chinos with casual shirts, crew neck jumper, and long sleeve polo for a smart-casual look. Or you can also try a dress shirt, sports coats, tie and formal shoes for something new. 

These combinations are looking very classy and stylish and make your appearance different from others that’s why chinos become the first preference of young age people. Chinos are available in various styles according to your requirements You can choose chinos according to your style and comfort.

Even you can wear these chinos in your workplace. chinos are the perfect pants for modern business casual workplaces. In most modern offices, this is a totally acceptable uniform, and I think it beats the ubiquitous khaki-dress-pants-light-blue-shirt combo and nowadays men are mainly water chinos in their offices and workplace they are totally acceptable.

Chinos are very comfortable to wear and stretchable too. Chinos are made from cotton spandex fabric, they made you feel very light and comfortable and they have stretchability 2%for your more comfort and mobility.

Men’s love water chino’s because they are more comfortable then jeans, Because jeans are made from thicker material like denim that’s why when you wear jeans you will very uncomfortable and unable to move freely where on the other hand chinos were made from light cotton fabric which is very light and stretchable you can easily move anywhere. 

Chinos became the first choice of men’s wear, men usually avoid jeans and they prefer chino’s in place of jeans because they feel very relax and comfortable in chinos. Chino’s pants are cut slimmer with closure feet which make them look more stylish and elegant. 

Nowadays, chino’s became very popular in India they gained the trust of people’s and had established a good reputation in the Indian market. Chinos are a great alternative, especially for those who love to wear formal trousers. Chinos not only make you look smart but they extend an elegant look to you, and apt to be worn at work as well. 

And of course, the comfort factor is simply a given and makes you feel very calm and relax. Chino’s became the most trending and growing men’s fashionwear either it’s winter or summer. Chino’s are in their top demand.

Best chinos brand in India – Top 6 Best chino’s Brand 

  • Levis
  • Blackberrys 
  • Being human
  • Allen Solly
  • .Jack and johns
  • .John player

Best chinos brand in India – Levis 

Best chinos brand in India
Image – Best chinos brand in India

Levis, As the name itself a brand, No need to give any introduction about this company and their product.  Their product is world-famous and has established a very good reputation in the Indian market not only in the Indian market but all over the world. Once a person used levis products, surely never give up on Levi’s product. 

Levis has many products like t shirt’s, jeans, chino’s, shirts and many more. The quality of Levi’s products is excellent without any dought and has been given a tough competition to other big brands. 

Levi’s have an exciting and various new collection of chino’s, And the best one in their collection is black color chino’s Because men’s usually want black trousers for any official work or any occasion but now something more exciting is waiting for you like Levi’s black chino’s which were designed to consider both Workplace or play. You can use both places very easily.

Levi’s products are the best in their quality 100% customer satisfaction. Became the 1 preferred men’s choice One of the best brand in India. 

Best chinos brand in India

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Best chinos brand in India – Blackberrys 

Best chinos brand in India
Image – Best chinos brand in India

Blackberrys is an Indian brand that was established in the year 1995. Blackberrys is one of India’s premium men’s wear. and In their 25 years of tremendous journey, they made their best reputation in the Indian market and have gained the trust of their customers. Blackberrys includes many products like formals, casual men’s wear. 

They made their product with pure cotton with stretchable fabric. They have many varieties of chino’s and the best one brown color shade chino’s,  you can team up with different color shirts and t-shirt. It will give you a decent and attractive look. Blackberry is best in their chinos has established A good reputation. 

  • The quality of the product is good. 
  • Customers satisfaction.
  •  Good fabric clothes.
  • Best Indian brand.

Best chinos brand in India – Being human 

Best chinos brand in India
Image – Best chinos brand in India

I’m sure by seeing the name of being human, the First thing that comes to your mind is” Salman khan”Yes you are right. Being human is supported by the one and only Salman khan. Being human is one of the best brands in India and had gained the trust of their customers. Their products are good in quality and also in looks. 

They made chinos with 98%  cotton and 2% spandex which will give you more comforts. Being human is a brand which gives their profit in charities, voted for education, Healthcare initiative for the underprivileged in India.

Being human has best in their chino’s, and the best one “khaki” shade and as you khaki is one of the preferred choices of men’s. You can wear these chinos with funky cool T-shirts, it may look cool and stylish. 

  • The quality of the product is good. 
  • Customer satisfaction. 
  • Spandex fabric. 
  • Made with pure cotton. 

Best chinos brand in India – Allen Solly 

Best chinos brand in India
Image – Best chinos brand in India

Allen Solly was one of the earliest Best chinos brand in India. Their collection is best in chino’s they includes many clothes and accessories.

They contain many different varieties which include old and modern designs. Chinos from Allen Solly are perfect to be carried with yourself while you are traveling for a long period of time or If you are going for any vacation. 

  • Quality of product is best.
  • The good quality fabric uses.
  • Customer satisfaction.

Best chinos brand in India – Jock and jones 

Best chinos brand in India
Image – Best chinos brand in India

Jack and Jones is a European leading men’s wear brand, which Made their best reputation in the Indian market  And made pride by giving their best products includes accessories, footwear, chinos. This brand is one of the most coveted men’s fashion brand in the world.

Their products are available on both online and offline modes. And their best chinos are smart brown chino’s team up with casual t-shirts or formal shirts. Chinos perfect fitting makes it an elegant look and the fabric makes it more worn and you can comfortably wear them from morning to evening without any hint of discomfort.

Best chinos brand in India – John player 

Best chinos brand in India
Image – Best chinos brand in India

John player is a fashion brand for men by ITC Limited which was started in 2002. This brand is quite famous amongst men in India and established their name and brand in the Indian market along with that This Brand has grabbed many awards because of the quality and stylish appeal of their men’s clothes. 

They have various different types of collections, and You will find great options for Chinos from John Player on online websites like Ajio. This brand is Mainly famous for its highest varieties of fashion along with the Great quality of its products, which are easily available at a reasonable price.

Best chinos brand in India – Frequently asked questions: 

  1. Which color is best in chinos?

    Mainly it depends on what occasion your going for but according to my opinion, Black and brown is the most decent and best colors in Chinos. They give you an elegant look while you wearing them with formal shirts, There is no one in your comparison.
    I think black and brown is the best color to choose in chinos.

  2. What types shoe’s looks elegant with chinos?

    This is one very smart question. If we are talking about shoes, I think, if you go to an office you should wear formal shoes, it makes you look smart and decent and enhance your personality among people..And if you’re going to any casual place then you should wear sport shoe’s that will make your personality good.

  3. What is the Best chinos Brand in India? 

    There are many best chinos brand in India but I will recommend you some of the best brands if you want pure cotton made chino’s, then you should go with Levi’s, Blackberry. They make pure cotton fabric chino’s which you look elegant and give you more comfort.

  4. Is chino’s are more comfortable then jeans? 

    Yes,  without any dought chino’s are more comfortable than jeans because jeans are made with tight fabric, so while wearing jeans you feel very uncomfortable and not feel relaxed but chinos are made with cotton spandex fabric, which is very light and flexible. So you can easily relax and feel comfortable.  While wearing chino’s you feel very relax and calm and easily move anywhere. 

I hope this information will help you to solve all your queries and one more thing if you want to know about brands and their quality, then you must read the full article because half information is not fruitful. I’m trying my best to describe all the important things about the Best chinos brand in India and their fabric. 

I hope this article will help you to solve your any issue. 


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