8 Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020

If you have not installed the Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020, do you even love your laptop!

This century has seen great heights of development in technology, especially digital technology. From something as simple as shopping for groceries and daily necessities to something as important as applying for credit or debit cards, all of our lives have literally been shifted to computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

That is more reason for having a strong, secure, and full-proof antivirus security software service installed on your devices. With every passing day, the threats of cybersecurity breaches against big businesses and personal users have been growing at an alarming rate too, and thus, antivirus services have become more important.

But, amidst a jam-packed digital protection market sector, choosing the best antivirus software for your home or business can be quite stressful. After all, there are many points that should be kept in mind.

Antivirus software services, at the least, need to include protection against new and advanced forms of malware and also quickly and efficiently be able to scan your devices against any such virus that might have infiltrated your laptop’s defenses.

So, here is the list of the top 8 Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020 that you need to keep yourself updated with for a safer and stronger digital protection system.

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020 – McAfee TOTAL PROTECTION ANTIVIRUS

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India
Image – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

To protect your laptops from the attacks of different and advanced kind of virus, malware, spyware McAfee ANTIVIRUS TOTAL PROTECTION ranks itself among the best antivirus software in India.

Starting from the late ’80s to this date it has maintained its position at the top by providing its users a wide range of protection measures at a very affordable annual subscription. It gets started with a simple installation and a simple McAfee account creation.

Now let’s dig into the technical stuff to learn a little more about the features. McAfee Total Protection is capable to protect 5 or 10 of your devices against the virus, spyware, and ransomware and prevents the breach of any of your private information.

It includes a secure VPN and has the ability to filter spams, deletes cookies, and encrypts your sensitive files like your bank credentials as well as hides your location when connected to public wi-fi. It is equipped with multi-faceted privacy protection which protects your identity as well as sensitive files from cybercriminals and hackers by providing password protection and erasing the digital footprints.

Now, let’s have a look at the costing details for annual subscription are as follows :

  1. Family or 10 devices : Rs2,399
  2. Multi-device or 5 devices : Rs.1,799
  3. Individual or 1 device : Rs. 1,299

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020 – BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS PLUS 2020

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India
Image – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

Due to its extensive list of security measures, minimum impact on the performance of your laptop and its compatibility in all types of windows, MAC, iOs and LINUX supported systems, BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS PLUS antivirus plus is one of the best antivirus software in India. Without wasting much time lets quickly go through the features and benefits of this software:

Get Bitdefender Antivirus Plus to protect your important files, documents, pictures, and videos from any type of malicious program it comes with a multi-layered protection function. It has an advanced Anti-phishing protection technology that automatically blocks un-trusted websites, keeps you and your system safe from harmful online scams.

It has a secure VPN that maintains your privacy on the web by encrypting internet traffic and promotes fast internet surfing. BITDEFENDER has a special mode for games and movies which temporarily halts notification, adjusts graphics settings, and blocks background activities.

Besides, it provides 24/7 support to its customers, so call them up whenever you need them. For now, take a look at the price  

No. of devicesCost for 1 year(in rupees)Cost for 2 years(in rupees)Cost for 3 years(in rupees)
Table – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020 – NORTON 360

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India
Image – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

NORTON, one of the most trusted brands having millions of users in 150+ countries. It is available for windows and iOs devices. Often being called as one of the advanced antivirus software due to its real-time threat protection mechanism that guards your device against malicious online programs, scams, viruses, and protects your private as well as financial details.

It has a smart firewall for both windows and MAC which efficiently blocks unwanted traffic and monitors communication settings. It prevents hacker infiltration and consists of password managing tools that store and manage your password and other sensitive information.

It also has upto 75GB cloud backup facility as a preventive measure against unwanted data loss, hard drive failures, and even ransomware. It provides a secure VPN that gives security and encryption for online privacy when using a public wi-fi network.

The best thing about this is the advanced parental control which provides tools that help guardians to keep an eye on their young ones about what they watch, websites they visit, keywords they search and apps they download along with these it also comes with the content filter, and GPS location monitor. It also has an advanced safe cam security measure that blocks unauthorized access to your webcam of pc or laptop.

Let us now have a look at the price list :

No. of devicesCost for 1 yearCost for 2 years
Table – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020 – QUICK HEAL TOTAL SECURITY

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020
Image – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

QUICK HEAL is one of the most famous and best-selling antivirus software in India due to its wide range of functions at a very low price. It is incorporated with many enhanced security measures. Like DNA Scan technology that inspects, detects, and blocks the unsafe programs.

Advanced Phishing protection that prevents non-trusted websites from accessing your important information. The Firewall protection which blocks malicious websites or programs that try to reach your computer over the internet.

It also consists of a Stealth mode that hides your system from a hacker. There is a chance of data loss in case of a ransomware attack and that is why Quickheal also provides extra protection of automatic back which can prevent such data losses The anti-tracker function erases your digital footprints prevents anyone to track down your online activities.

It also blocks any apps or websites trying to access your webcam without your knowledge. IDS/IPS prevents your system from any attempts or attacks by hackers. A complete parental control mechanism that helps you to track your children’s online activities and prevent them from visiting unwanted sites or stop them from playing too many games.

That’s enough of technical mumbo jumbo. And since you are obviously excited about trying this now, let us have a view on the price chart fixed by QUICK HEAL

1 USERRs.1,909Rs.3,799
2 USERsRs.2,099Rs.4,249
3 USERsRs.3,449Rs.6,949
5 USERsRs.5,360Rs.10,720
10 USERsRs.7,796Rs.15,592
Table – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020 – KASPERSKY TOTAL SECURITY 2020

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India
Image – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

KASPERSKY is another big name when you come to the best antivirus for laptop in India 2020. They are one of the biggest antivirus producing companies, both in quality and quantity. So much so, that antivirus softwares have become near synonymous with the brand name Kaspersky.

In one license you get access to almost 90 security measures that ensure total protection of your laptop. Some of the vital features are Anti-ransomware technology and Advanced virus protection that blocks viruses, crypto lockers, malware, and other threats from harming your system.

It also acts as a secure VPN that encrypts your data to maintain your privacy on the internet. Provides Webcam protection which prevents any unauthorized apps from using your webcam.

Password manager which protects and manages your passwords and sensitive files from the eyes of hackers. It automatically keeps a backup of your important files as a preventive measure, in case of any virus attack.

Advanced parental control allowing you to keep a regular check on the online activities of your young ones and stop them from visiting any websites which are not particularly safe for them. Protects yourself by blocking malicious websites trying to breach your privacy and stealing your identity.

All these facilities will be there on your laptop ensuring its total protection at a very affordable price. The price list with various devices and time periods are given below.

No. of devicesOne year subscriptionTwo year subscription
Table – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020 – BULLGUARD PREMIUM PROTECTION

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India
Image – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

This is one of the best multi awards winning security program you can have for your laptops. This is considered to be the most ultimate cyber protection programmed to combat the most harmful malware and cyber thieves. It has a triple-layer next-gen antimalware program that continuously scans for malware and neutralizes them and also keeps your system safe from browser-based damages.

The advanced machine learning mechanism ensures zero-day threats are scanned and neutralized as soon as possible. It also comes with a custom-built secure browser that allows a protected way to surf the internet and make online payments. the heavy-duty firewall gives you tough protection against spyware and hackers.

It has an in-built game booster that enhances your system performance, blocks pop-ups so that you have an uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience. It also consists of a home network scanner that monitors your network 24/7 and every system connected to it.

The price list goes like this:

No. of devicesOne year subscriptionTwo year subscriptionThree year subscription
Table – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020 – AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020
Image – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

Yes, there is a free service included in this list. And what’s better, it is free for Mac, iOS, and Windows.

A real-time antivirus program which is a combination of many system optimization tools. The AV-tests show that antivirus successfully scanned and neutralizes any digital threats. It has an advanced anti-spyware and anti-ransomware technology that prevents any unauthorized access to enter and operate your system.

It has a password vault which stores all your important password in a safer place. It allows you safe browsing, anytime, and anywhere. The PUA shield painstakingly finds and destroys any harmful threats from legitimate programs as well. The VPN extends to 500MB per month. In addition to these, it also has some great features like browser manager, junk and duplicate files remover, reduces start-up times, and many more which helps you to improve your system performance.

The price list goes like this…

Oh, wait, it is free.

However, if you don’t like pro-bono services, you can opt for Avira Prime which comes with the option of an unlimited VPN service and a few more added on premium features at the price given below:

No. of Users1 Month Subscription1 Year Subscription2 year subscription3 year subscription
5Rs. 337Rs. 3356Rs. 6387Rs. 9408
25Rs. 436Rs. 4,374Rs. 8,406Rs. 12,099
Table – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020 – AVG Ultimate Multi-Device

Best Antivirus for Laptop in India 2020
Image – Best Antivirus for Laptop in India

AVG Ultimate Multi-Device is an exclusive virus protection software that is capable of doing many things at once.

Whether it be the anti-malware program or a VPN pack for you and your entire family, turn up the AVG Ultimate Multi-Device for that extra needed protection-the best security, performance, and privacy products for every interface and device, Windows PC’s, Mac computers and Android smartphones & tablets. AVG Ultimate Multi-Device has extended its services for up to 10 personal devices.

It thoroughly scans your computers, going through every tiny nook and demolishes any kind of malware, spyware, viruses, and trojans that it finds. Apart from manual searches, you can also set up automatically timed scans so that that it does its work even when you are not physically present in front of your laptop or mobile.

It acts as an extensive web shield, allowing you to surf the web without facing any unnecessary troubles; guards your Wi-Fi services effectively; Prevents you from clicking on harmful links and blocks spams from your email accounts; and also prevents anyone from spying on you through your webcam.

The instilled automatic maintenance mode makes sure your computer remains clean and secure without your knowing anything about this.

After you have decided that AVG Multi-Device has tailor-made this for you, let’s take a glance at the prices.

This Multi-device works for 10 devices and valid for one year and costs just Rs. 996. You can also look for the one that is valid for one year for 1 device, which costs just Rs. 393.


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