Best Air fryers in India – TOP 10 Best Air Fryers in India

Best Air fryers in India

If you are into food and into the habit of trying to eat healthily, all you need is an exclusive handcrafted list about the best air fryers in India. And what you ask for, we are here to deliver. 

About more than half of the people who pledge to stay on a healthy diet fail to do so along the way. And the reason for that is just that people love tasty food…a lot. Why should they not though?

I mean crispy french fries, soft and yummy cakes, steaming hot steaks and so much more exist for a reason. That is to satisfy the taste buds on our tongues. But the problem lies in the fact that the factor of being delicious and the factor of health, more often than not, do not intersect, unfortunately. But now we have an answer for that too.


They will cook your favorite snacks with a really low amount of oil. This handy device emulates the ways and outcomes of deep frying with just a minuscule amount of oil and just hot air. So, less work, as well as less work. 

TOP 10 Best Air Fryers in India

Best Air Fryers in India – Inalsa Air Fryer 2.3 L Crispy Fry 1200W

Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

With an electricity requirement of 220 V and a 1200 Watt power backup, this Air fryer is kitchen friendly and is also sturdy enough to make sure that your job gets done quickly and easily. The intrinsic Rapid Air technology will prepare for you your favorite snack with a really small amount of air, imagine about 85% less than the general amount of oil used.

Also, you do not need to check up every few seconds to see if your food has burnt down because the timer selection is there to do it for you. Besides, there is an auto shut off system present in the Air fryer that takes care of your snacks as well. And all the complications of temperature control can be done with just a few rotations of the knob.

Once the aroma starts wafting over you, press down on the quick-release button and the basket is in your hands already. This also makes cleaning the trays more convenient and with much less effort than cleaning a deep frying pan would take.

Having a capacity of 2.3L, it will take care of your family serving. Overall, the non-stick coated frying baskets and the effortless modus operandi makes it one of the technological marvels of its time, and yet makes it as simple as a child’s play.

Coming in the sleek and the most favorite color of all, black i.e., grab the deal at just Rs. 3,575. 

Best Air Fryers in India – Prestige PAF 4.0 (2.2-Litre) Air Fryer

Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

What is frying in the House tonight? Well, whatever it may be, fry it all in this Prestige Air fryer 4.0. The electricity amounts to about 230V and the power status is up to 1400 Watts, so, power-saving and efficient to use both combined in your kitchen.

Accompanied by an exclusively designed Frying basket for your ease, you can also grill, roast as well as bake in this, and the cleaning process is simple too. Prestige stays up to its name and though the features are easy to understand and operate, there are, nonetheless, quite a few of them. The temperature and timer control, for example, helps you to stay calm and relaxed while your food is being prepared.

The Filter and safety button installed in it are child friendly and keeps you safe from unnecessary harm too. Whenever you detach the basket from your machine, it automatically gets switched off, thus saving you from the extra work and any hazardous outcome.    

Prestige brings you this at just the price of Rs. 4,385, so get ready to fry up everyone.

Best Air fryers in India – SToK Digital Air Fryer 4 Liter 1500-Watt

Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

This SToK Digital manufactured product comes in a blazing hot red color, and the best news of them all is that the fries do too. They are hot, crispy, and mouth-watering but with far less oil than your deep-fried ones. And do not fall into the misunderstanding that you will be spending your hard-earned money on a device that only cooks fries.

That’s not the case at all. In fact, it comes with 8 presets to make your workload even lesser, Warm, Fries/Chips, Shrimp, Fish, Cake, Steak, and basically any kind of meat. So, cook to your heart’s content. It needs an electricity supply of about 240V and a power requirement of 1500 Watt, all within your kitchen limits.

The digital LCD installed allows you to control the temperature between 80-200 degrees Celsius as well as set the cooking time up to 30 minutes. The indicator is the timer that beeps a few times to tell you when the cooking is done and the treats are ready for eating.

This amazing device comes with an Air Fryer, a double layer grill, a recipe book, and a user manual all just at the price of Rs. 5,799. 


Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

As the name suggests this WONDERCHEF REGALIA is a compact 1.8 liters 1000watts air fryer with a very stylish and sleek Italian design. This is a specially designed form closed-packed small kitchen or college dorm life or for carrying on holidays.

But the compact design doesn’t decrease its functionality in any way it is integrated with time and temperature controller and an automatic shutting down mechanism cut the power supply when your food is ready. For easy clean and maintenance purposes, it has a removable non-stick food basket with an attached handle. The two LEDs at the top indicates the system is on/off.

This Italian beauty comes to your kitchen at a price of Rs.5,499 only.


Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

Manufactured by Havells, the most trusted brand for household appliances, HAVELLS PRO-LIFE GRANDE 1700WATT AIR FRYER is one of the best-selling Air fryers in India. It comes with advanced aero crisp technology that allows 360-degree hot air circulation with a 6.5 liters pan and 5-liter basket that lets you fry, bake, roast, grill, as well as toast large quantity food with less to no oil in well less time.

Due to the advanced heating technology, it allows you to prepare healthy food without compromising with your tastebuds. It also consists of a digital touch panel integrated with 10 presets options for better cooking. Upto 200 degree Celsius temperature controller and an auto shut-off mechanism with 60 min timer. For safety measures, it has to overheat protection and a safety lock. Along with this, you will get one instruction manual and one recipe book.

Havells closed the price of this big boy at just Rs. 8959.

Best Air Fryers in India – KENSTAR ASTER 1500-WATT OXY FRYER

Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

This 3.0 liter KENSTAR ASTER 1500-WATT OXY FRYER is one of the air fryer in India manufactured by the Videocon Industries. Along with the stylish and compact design with a cherry red color, it also has 1.2m long cable that priviledges you to keep it at your convenient spot.

It is well equipped with a removable food tray and advanced rapid air technology which lets you grill, fry, roast or bake a large number of foods and snacks with the least oil. It also has an in-built timer of maximum 30 minutes and auto power cut feature that turns off the process once the set time has been completely reached.

This oxy-fryer is also made with a temperature setting knob that allows you to set the cooking temperature between 80 degrees to 200 degrees. To keep your kitchen fresh and eradicate bad smell it has an air outlet vent to expel air at regular intervals.

Closing it at the price of Rs.7,499 you will not be disappointed with your shopping choice.


Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

This 1800 watt SToK AIRFRYER WITH 3D SMART RAPID AIR TECHNOLOGY is one of the best sellers in the Indian market due to its huge capacity i.e. 6.5 liters internal pan capacity or 5.5 liters basket and advanced air technology that helps you to serve a large number of the person at one go in very less cooking time.

For your convenience it has an in-built digital touch screen menu featuring 8 presets that includes steak, bake, poultry, shrimp, roast, pizza, fish, and French fries which allows you and your family to have your favorite dishes whenever you want to. Making no deal in terms to taste it cuts 80% less fat than traditional frying methods.

With adjustable temperature control and a cooking timer that permits you to cook your food for a maximum of 30 min at 80 degrees to 200 degrees Celcius. The freshness of your food and your cooking place is maintained by the air outlet vents.

So, just grab this amazing product by Stok at just Rs.7,499 at start cooking some amazing dishes.

Best Air Fryers in India – ABHSANT 1350W OIL FREE AIRFRYER

Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

with a price of Rs.9,999 this 6.5 liters 1350W oil-free fryer is now one of the best selling airfryer in India. With its modern hot air circulation technology, it eliminates 85%of excess fat associated with cooking that helps you to have delicious food without disturbing your diet.

Along with having a modern stylish look, it is also incorporated with anti-scratch technology which adds to the durability of the product. The one-touch digital screen with 9 presets help you to fry, roast, grill all your favorite foods in a very less amount of time.

The best thing about this fryer is that it automatically stops the cooking when you turn on the oven during an ongoing process to ensure the user’s safety and then automatically starts when the oven door is closed. It also has an easily removable basket and a nano-ceramic and ceramic coated removable non-stick pan which reduces your cleaning efforts making this an ideal kitchen accessory for every Indian household.

Best Air Fryers in India – BMS LIFESTYLE 1400WATT AIR FRYER

Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

If you have a small family of 4 to 5 members then buying an airfryer of huge capacity might not be a good idea for you therefore BMS LIFESTYLE brings you a 2.5litres digital airfryer which lets you enjoy your favorite food without adding extra calories to your diet. It allows you to fry, bake, roast, grill with little or no oil without compromising with the taste.

You also get a bonus of 8 presets including steak, bake, poultry, shrimp, fish, pizza, French fries, and pork. The redesigned basket and advanced air circulation technology help you to cook delicious food in very less time. It has a sleek and modern look with a digital screen with built-in temperature control and auto shut-off time having 30 minutes of cooking time. Cleaning up is very easy with a non-stick detachable basket.

All these facilities come to you at only Rs.4,481. So, buy it and enjoy your meal.


Best Air Fryers in India
Image – Best Air fryers in India

As an emerging name in the field of household appliances Hi-tech is constantly expanding its horizon to be the best. This PROGRAMMABLE 1300W 2.6L RAPID AIR FRYER at a price of only Rs.4,599 is another step towards this accomplishment. It is equipped with a non-stick oil tank, with overheating protection technology and advanced rapid air fryers for precise cooking with minimal oil usage.

This has a very appealing design without compromising with the safety measure it has auto power cut-off technology, fry pot equipped with a guard, and special non-slip feet for protection that automatically shuts down the machine when you take out the pot. It also has a 30 minutes timer-based auto shut-off system and an adjustable thermostat.


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