Hit Ayushman Khuranna movies list – 5 Best Movies

Excited to know about the Ayushman Khuranna movies list? Who doesn’t like to know about celebrities? We always keep the update of our celebrities, what’s going on their life a where are they, and which film they are shooting currently? We fan love to keep every detail about our favorite celebrities, we watch more them in movies and sometimes in advertisements.

Celebrities catch our hearts in 3 sec through songs and in 3 hours they win our hearts not only because of their looks but also due to their character played in the movie. Only one character of celebrity take our heart away and after that, they don’t have to take extra efforts to win our heart.

I mean celebrities work hard in every movie but fans like me always get impressed whether the movie gets flop or hit no one can replace my favorite celebrity from my heart. It’s like the first impression is the last impression for me and I am sure the same for you, it sounds like first love or first crush.

So as we keep track of crush what they like and what they don’t? similarly, we keep track of our favorite celebrities’ movies, when and which movie is getting released, and crazy fans like watching the movie more than 2 times so here I am with the Ayushman Khuranna movies list. 

Who doesn’t like Ayushman Khuranna? He is handsome and one of the sweetest celebrities in the Industry who is smart and no doubt hard-working actor with kindness, who is down to the earth after being a big celebrity and that’s the reason Ayushman Khuranna movies list is important to know.

His acting is amazing you will fall in love after watching the movie of him. Dear fans here is the lottery for you because of hit movies of your favorite actor Ayushman khuranna. His name sounds positive and different which means Blessings, I think he is a blessing for the film industry who is making them proud by working amazingly in the films.

He always give justices to his character, you will never feel like he is overacting or he is missing the piece of character. Every role he has done till now are always great never felt bored while watching his movies. He acts so naturally, his acting touches heart no matter he plays a lover role, aggressive role, or any comedy role he just plays that role smoothly and rightly.

I will say it’s worth spending time on Ayushman Khuranna movies list, you will never regret after watching his movies. You will start falling in love and I am sure you will start watching another movie too.

When he laughs you will when he will cry I am sure your heart will start feeling sad this much effective his acting is, he acts so powerfully that leave an impact on the audience and the audience start liking the character of the movie means indirectly they start liking Ayushman Khuranna.

Why you should watch Ayushman Khuranna movies list?

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  • Ayushman Khuranna always choose different script which has unique content
  • Always entertaining new story.
  • He chooses different roles, most of them are romantic but have a unique story.
  • You will enjoy his different characters that will make you feel like you are watching a different movie.
  • He chooses the most relatable role, chances are boys get most connected to him because he says his heart out and of course, girls will never hate him because he plays the role of lover very well.
  • Simplicity in his character catches the heart of the audience very well.
  • Movies of him are family movies so you can watch his movie with the family.
  • Every movie has a unique message that makes us think to change the mind.
  • His movies are always Entertaining!!! Entertaining!!! And Entertaining!!!.
  • He is a good singer and he has sung his written song so he is the complete package of entertainment.

Real Life of Ayushman Khuranna movies list

Image Ayushman Khuranna movies list credit – Google

Ayushman khuranna is an Indian actor, Television Host, and singer who is born on 14 September 1984. He is born in Chandigarh, his father’s name is P khuranna who is an astrologer and the subject author astrology. His mom is Poonam Khuranna, she is a housewife but she is qualified and her qualification is MA in Hindi.

Khuranna has a brother who is a radio jockey at radio Mirchi 98.3 FM which is in Delhi and his name is Aparshakti Khuranna. In 2015 he made a debut with Amir Khan and the movie was Dangal. So dear girls here is a hurting thing about Ayushman khuranna is He is married and he loves his wife a lot.

He is a family loving person and his wife is Tahira Kashyap. Toffee the critically acclaimed is directed by his wife, yes it is directed by Tahira Kashyap. Ayushman Khuranna and Tahira Kashyap are childhood friends, I can say they are childhood lovers who got married and they have two children’s.

One son and one daughter, Son name are Virajveer who is born on 2 January 2012, and the daughter’s name is Varushka who is born on 21 April 2014. When Ayushman Khuranna movies list was promoting Badhaai Ho and andhadhun, the saddest news was his wife Tahira Kashyap was suffering from 0 breast cancer.

You have known about Ayushman khuranna real life, now it’s time to know about his reel life. He has won so many awards which include national awards and he has won four Film Fare Award. MTV Roadies 2004 Ayushman khuranna was in it and he won the show.

He started his career with anchoring and then he started his career in acting. His first movie is Vicky Donor, in 2012 he started his career with a romantic comedy role and he got an award for his debut in film fare as a Best male Debut. But let me tell you about Ayushman Khuranna movies list which he did before 2012 and after 2004.

He completed his education, graduation, and post-graduation in journalism then he started working as Radio Jockey. This was his first job in Big FM Delhi where he hosted a show Big Chai – Maan Na Maan, Mai Tera ayushmann.

He got the award for it in 2017, he was the youngest achiever and he also won the Bharat Nirman Award in New Delhi where again he was the youngest one to receive this award.

After working in MTV Shows like Cheque De India, MTV Fully Faltoo Movies, and Jaadoo Ek Baar. He started working as a TV show Host and his journey of Host started with Colors TV where he hosted the show India Got Talent. He anchors the show of StarPlus which was a singing show Music Ka Mahaa Muqqabla and another show of star plus was anchored by him, the show was Just Dance.

Some famous dialogues’ of Ayushman Khuranna movies list

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Dialogues are one of the things that play an important role in the movie and the other is the song. This both helps to hit the movie or recall the movie easily. I will list some dialogue without mentioning their movie name but you will love the dialogues’ of Ayushman Khuranna movies list. 

  • Duniya mei jitney bheed bhadtti jaa rahi hai, log untne hi akele hote jaa rahe hai.  
  • Assan nahi hai tumse pyar karna, magar tumse pyar na karna usse bhi zyada mushkil hai.
  • Zindagi side a se side b ki tarah ghoomti gaano ki reel ki tarah hi toh hoti hai, kabhi koi gaana itna pasand hai ki khatam hone se dar lagta hai. Kabhi koi ganna poore din honthon se jaane ka naam nahi leta, aur kabhi koi gaane ke sirf dhun yaad reh jaati hai.
  • Kuch gaane aapki Zindagi se yoon hi jhud jaate hai, unki dhune mein lipte hote hai chote bade kisse, kayi sare yaade.
  • Zindagi se behad pyar tha usse, aur khud se zindagi se bhi zyada.
  • Aap mote, Kaale, Naate, Ganje, Chahe jaise bhi dikhte ho, agar aap apne aapse pyar karenge to duniya bhi aapse pyar karegi.
  • Zindagi ek pighalte ice cream ki tarah hai, taste nhi kiya to waste ho jayegi.
  • Sperm se thoda upar aakar dekho, heart naam ki cheez hoti hai.
  • Haathon ki lakeroon ko itna ahimyat nahi diya karte, naseeb toh unke bhi hote hai jinke haath nhi hote.

These are some dialogues that not only inspire you but also hit your mind and heart so effectively that you start thinking positively and somewhere our thoughts change. Dialogues make us think and rough the negative old thoughts which were wrong.

Ayushman Khuranna movies list

Last but not least Ayushman Khuranna movies list that is available and you can watch it right after reading the article. I know quarantine is over but subscription to Hotstar, Netflix, and amazon prime is still there because it’s of a year, and the habit of getting entertain will not get rid easily.

So it’s ok to watch the movie after the office because it will take your stress away. After all, Ayushman khuranna movies are full entertainment, in which you have comedy, seriousness, twist, and turn but the enjoyable movie, you will feel fresh.

Not only this you can watch his songs or listen to his song while traveling which will also keep your mind fresh and smile on your face. This is the hit movie that has earned more than one Corer on the box office and won the hearts of the audience.

Here is the Ayushman Khuranna movies list

Dream Girl Ayushman Khuranna movies list

Image Ayushman Khuranna movies list credit – Google

When I heard the name I thought like there will be a girl of his dreams, he loves her and struggles to get her and finally marry her will be the whole movie but no the movie is full of twist for me because Ayushman khuranna had join call center job for his bread and butter where he was the man working in a women’s wear the customer’s where men who need a girl to talk like a friend.

Ayushman khuranna was the one who use to change his voice to a female voice while talking on call. His name was pooja and he was famous among men, he becomes a Dream Girl.

Bala Ayushman Khuranna movies list

Image Ayushman Khuranna movies list credit – Google

When I heard the name its sounds unique but when you watch the movie you will come to know the struggle of a man who loses his hair before his age, then he tries every product and homemade remedies for hair growth.

He tries all types of yoga and doctor treatment but it doesn’t work, but the problem in his life increases when he doesn’t get any life partner. Every girl rejects him because of his hair and one day his dad gives him the fake hair, he becomes happy. He starts living his life like he never lived before.

He starts showing is smartness and become confident in front of girls. Finally, he meets a girl who loves him and marries him but twists is she doesn’t know about his hair problem. He doesn’t try to tell her, you have to watch the movie for what happens next.   

Badhaai Ho Ayushman Khuranna movies list

Image Ayushman Khuranna movies list credit – Google

Badhaai ho movie is one of the amazing entertaining comedy movies in which Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao have also added salt in the movie.

The whole movie revolves around these three, it is more interesting because elders become parents which is not that easy to accept by society, and of course by the family, because we are grown-up who have our partners, it takes time to accept the truth and finally they accept it.

So this is the unique story message is given to change the mind-set which is very amazing you should watch it.

Andhadhoon Ayushman Khuranna movies list

Image Ayushman Khuranna movies list credit – Google

The name itself reveals a bit story, yes Ayushman khuranna had played the role of the blind man who is handsome where he says everyone knows the problem of blind people but let me tell you the positive side of them so positive thing is girl cares and he is an artist he plays the wonderful piano.

Once a murder takes place in his presence and investigation starts and police ask him the question you have seen the murder he says how can because I am blind. And the whole story revolves there but the question is blind or he is just acting to know this you have to watch the movie.

Vick Donor Ayushman Khuranna movies list

Image Ayushman Khuranna movies list credit – Google

Last but not least the list is incomplete without this movie which was his first movie where he is the singer of one of the songs. The song was hit with the movie so the story revolves around the sperm donor where one doctor insists he donates the sperm. Ayushman is shown a romantic but flirts person who is sweet too but he earns by donating the sperm.

Then he falls in love with a girl and marries her, there is the real twist his wife doesn’t get pregnant. She loves kids so she wants a kid, she says Ayushman to do a check-up of him where he knows very well the problem is not in him but her. So what they do to get a child, you have to watch the movie.

Where you will get to watch Ayushman Khuranna movies list?

Ayushman khuranna movies are available on Hotstar, Netflix, and amazon prime video, this is the three online platform where you will get to watch Ayushman khuranna acting in his unique movies. There are chances you will get to watch promotional videos and interview high lights on MxPlayer. And you will get his few movies on other online platforms like Zee5 and youtube.


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