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Yes, the youth you heard right there is Amazon Youth offer for us, felt amazing right? Amazon is the brand that always comes up with new ideas of sales which we have never thought of. So amazon always tries something new for every target audience which not only helps the audience to stay connected to amazon but also helps to shop things according to their age group.

Everything is available for every age group people so no one gets disappoint and amazon makes things available at less price with great quality. What else the audience wants, they get a quality product in budget with discounts and offers which is rarely possible offline and on other sites of online, this is the reason Amazon is one of the leading brands in the market.

Offers for youth I just loved the way they are giving offers to every age group audience, usually they give everyone offers and discounts every day but they give special offers when it is festivals.

Who doesn’t like shopping and offers with it, everyone just loves it but youth is the one who stays up to date not only in fashion but with technology too so Amazon Youth offer is going on because of amazon care for everyone.

I also love the way amazon is supporting small business all over the states which include youth too, they are giving chance to every business which is good for not only for that business owner but it is also good for us, a people like me who don’t like branded things much and love going locals.

That local small business is on Amazon to sell their product and of course, we get it at a low price with so discounts so shopping on amazon is more interesting. The youth of today is super-fast who is not waiting to earn money after completing the education but nowadays youth started their own business with the help of amazon they earning now.

I know you are here to know about Amazon Youth offer but you are the youth or the one who have a small business you can start earning by taking your business on the huge platform because there are many people available here to buy your product, here all type of product get sell – The one with high price with good quality and the one with low price with good quality.

What matters is the quality of the product and your budget which is fit into the Amazon Youth offer, you have to just visit and buy whatever you want.

I know in this epidemic period we can’t do the shopping because it’s not safe to step out and yes we are facing money problems but festivals are coming, we can’t stop celebrating the festivals. Festivals means get together and get together means sharing the gifts, festivals without gifts are not that much enjoyable.

We exchange gifts means we exchange happiness, spread happiness so Amazon Youth offer is use full for us in the current situation because there are huge discounts and cashback where everything we get in the budget so in this epidemic period sends gifts to loved ones on the occasion of the festival and buy gifts for yourself this year.

Why choose Amazon Youth offer?

Amazon Youth offer
Amazon Youth offer Image credit – Amazon
  • Want to save money visit amazon.
  • So many discounts and offers are available.
  • Fast delivery service.
  • Apart from Shopping amazon have entertainment for youth, you can subscribe to it where you get so many benefits from shopping too.
  • There are all types of products available.
  • You can return the product easily in a given period.
  • A money refund is given to you in case needed.
  • The everyday sale is going on.
  • Grocery is available on amazon.
  • Safe shopping, you get everything by seating at home.
  • There is an amazon pantry is available where you get fresh dairy products.
  • Cash on delivery option is available.
  • The online payment option is available.
  • You can pay from amazon wallet where you get interesting cashback
  • From child to elder and from men to teenagers, products are available for everyone.
  • From old collection to the latest new launch products are available.
  • Not only clothing but also electronic things, kitchen appliances, home décor, books, and many things are available In one place.
  • One-stop for shopping with discounts, offers, cashback, and sales.

What is the Amazon Youth offer?

Amazon Youth offer
Amazon Youth offer Image credit – Amazon

Amazon Youth offer is available for them who will be the members of amazon prime and the ones who are between the ages of 18 to 24, yes name its self said that it is for youth.

There is an offer for the youth and that gets 500 RS Cashback by becoming a member of amazon prime and enjoy the offer, sales, or cash back, more benefit of it is when you will get huge discounts and offers because there is the Big amazon sale of the year is going to come soon.

The one who is the amazon prime member is going to get amazing sales, discounts, and cashback because of Amazon Youth offer.

 So youth get ready to save the money and enjoy many benefits of shopping, to be honest by subscribing the amazon Prime you will not only get 500RS cash but also you will get the paid money back indirectly by doing shopping on amazon or by paying the bill if you will subscribe for one year.

What is Amazon Prime? 

Amazon Youth offer
Amazon Youth offer Image credit – Amazon

Who doesn’t love entertainment? We have survived in this lockdown because of entertainment, it is the most important part of our life.

Entertainment means TV shows from old to new, movies are also available which are hit and currently release are available, if you are not a fan of movies and TV Shows then web series are available because now web series are the trending, hit series are available on Prime apart from this there are latest videos available, Music available on the Amazon Prime.

This is all about prime video there are other things available on getting the membership of amazon, saving is one of the huge benefits you get with quality products which get delivered fast to your home. You will get to know more about it when you will subscribe to Amazon Youth offer. So don’t waste your time and go subscribe and get cashback.

Game lovers don’t get disappointed there are popular game launches on the amazon prime so just subscribe to Amazon Youth offer and start playing your favorite new game which content is amazing you will fall in love with it so hurry up!!!

Reward lovers who not only shop for what you need but the one who shops to save and get the reward, then there is a 5% reward on shopping by using Amazon Pay ICICI Credit card.

Books lover there are books available for you so don’t get disappointed, books are not only available in one language but also there are verities of books available, famous and new books are available so don’t worry about the new stock of books are on amazon in discounts.

Not only paper books but also audible and Ebooks are available on Amazon, now you can read the books anywhere and anytime or you can hear your favorite book.

Songs lover more than ten million songs are available on amazon prime without ads, now ads will not disturb you while listening to your favorite song. Enjoy the songs anywhere and anytime ad-free.

Entertainment lovers not only Bollywood but also other movies like Hollywood, Tollywood, and other international movies are available so if you are bore of one film industry movies then there are varieties of other movies are there for your entertainment where there are new movies also release so you will get newly launch movies too. You will get full entertainment services with other benefits too.

Apart from entertainment, there are other shopping benefits, you will enjoy it which give you free home delivery and also a monthly special sales are available for the amazon prime to subscribe.

There are free plans for you, choose any one of the plans which are suitable to your pocket. There are subscriptions available for months and year too which is in budget plus so many benefits and most important huge discounts and offers are available in Big amazon festival which is coming soon in this year so just make the list of the things which you want to buy and just enjoy the amazon sale.

This offer is for youth don’t think to fool because amazon is smarter than you because in Amazon Youth offer only 18 to 24-year-old is allowed so amazon asks for verification documents.

The primarily monthly plan is available of RS 129RS, you will get the offers and discounts for a month where there is payment options are Credit and Debit card

There is a 3-month plan available for RS329, you will enjoy the offers and discounts for three months where you can pay through electronic method

Prime Yearly plan is available where there is cashback after subscribing to the plan and it is available for the year means you can enjoy offers, cashback, and discounts, there are other benefits for the year. You have to pay RS999 for a year

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How to Subscribe to Amazon Youth offer?

Amazon Youth offer
Amazon Youth offer Image credit – Amazon

Save your money by subscribing to this Amazon Youth offer, wondering how? If you will subscribe to the plan for one year then you are saving the money. The money you have to pay for the year is RS999 and when you will subscribe you will get 500RS cashback so according to it one-year amazon prime subscription cost you for RS499, it is a big saving and you will get more offers, cashback and discount after subscriptions which will save your more money.

Amazon Youth offer subscriptions

  • Download the app of amazon on the mobile.
  • Sign In to your amazon account.
  • Then click on the PRIME which is in the Top Left.
  • Then there is an option of Youth Offer.
  • Click on the Join amazon prime of RS999.
  • Then there is a payment option, choose the payment option.
  • Fill the details of the payment required.
  • Then there is a verification process where you have to fill the details to verify your age, so details of Pan Card, Aadhar Card, mailing address proof and you have to upload a photo.
  • Within 3 days or 10 days, 500RS cashback will be credited to the Amazon pay account.

This the process to save money, get amazon prime at half price by subscribing to the Amazon Youth offer on amazon prime.

Use Amazon Pay wallet to get cashback and benefits, you can use amazon prime to pay the other bills too. You can order food, you can pay online bills, you can recharge mobile, you can book a cab, you can book the flight, you can book train, you can book the hotel, you can pay for the grocery, you can order medicine online and you can pay for online shopping.

The amazon wallet is one of the best mobile wallets you can carry and if you pay for amazon shopping by using amazon pay then you get an amazing discount, reward, offer, or cashback. The youth of India is getting Cashless and you are still using cash then stop using cash and start using amazon pay for savings because those who don’t love to save.

India loves shopping with saving that’s the reason amazon comes with amazing offers every day but they also come with amazon festival once in a year where they are giving huge benefits for the customers, I have discussed it above many times.

You can use the debit card and credit cards to do shopping there are EMI options are also available offers are going on the card you use. So what you are waiting for just make a list of your wish and enjoy your shopping where you are saving, so saving means a lot of shopping. Shopping means happiness, so this festival shares happiness with sweets and gifts.


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