Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2019 – offers, dates, price ( Complete Guides)

Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2019

With the holiday season just around the corner and the New Year tailing it closely, is all set to cater to your wardrobe needs without burning a hole in your pocket. Amazon India is back with its ‘Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2019‘ and it is bigger and better than ever, the sale will be live from the 15th of December till the 19th of December.

With discounts as high as 80% on a wide range of apparel for men, women, and kids, everyone is sure to find something for themselves. Along with this one can also shop for home appliances, home decor and more as that too will be on sale. More than 1200 big and exclusive brands including the likes of PUMA, Fossil, Biba and more will be on sale through those 5 days.

AMAZON WARDROBE REFRESH SALE 2019 – Offers For Amazon Prime subscribers

Amazon Prime subscribers can expect to get access to some great exclusive offers during the sale; one should also look out for Amazon‘s jaw-dropping flash sales for great deals on certain products. Customers can also stock up on summer clothes as a large number of choices will be available in that category with astounding discounts.

Inclusivity seems to be the motto for this year’s sale as it also includes discounts up to 70% on the plus-size store. The E-commerce website has also got a wide range of designer and ethnic clothes which will also be on discount and this might just sort your wedding season shopping.

The Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2019 will have more than 40 lakh styles on discount and greater than 60 thousand styles will be available under the deals section. Not only clothes but things such as watches, jewelry and footwear will also be available with heavy discounts.

One can plan in advance for this sale so as to not get distracted or confused with the infinite options available by creating a wish list of all that they would like to purchase during the sale and shop accordingly. So, if you have been eyeing something for a really long time then these 5 days might just prove to be lucky for you.

You can also collect the presale coupons available now to avail discounts on select brands and products. You can check out the coupons here. To maximize your savings you can also take advantage of the amazing cashback offers that will be available on using certain debit and credit cards as well as the Amazon Pay wallet. To know more about the Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale please visit Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale. Happy shopping!

Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2019

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AMAZON WARDROBE REFRESH SALE 2019 – New year resolution :

Hey, have you decided to take your new year resolution? But what about your closets? , they also need a change. In this busy schedule of life, they know that you don’t have much time to spare for your wardrobe. So they have decided to give you a chance to create something special in this special month.

Your wardrobes are in depression as you haven’t filled it up with new stuff for the coming new season. They also wish to have some extortionate items in their place as the refreshment sale is coming soon. They are hoping that you change to mind and change your stuff from the wardrobe. So let their wish turn true by joining hands with us to get some breathtaking wears. Closets are waiting for this.

We are here to help you to maintain your lifestyle in this world. As the new season is on your doorstep you have less time to make changes in your life and we are here to make it easy for you. Come and refresh your closets with Amazon wardrobe refresh sale.

Upcoming Amazon wardrobe refresh sale 2019

Yes, Amazon is here with another stunning sale that is Amazon wardrobe refresh sale. This is for you guys to make yourself perfect in your life and style. If you want to make a trendsetter then we are pleased to help you with this. Since the new season is close we know that you don’t have much time to spend shopping in malls and clothing stores. So we have made it simple that you can access it through your phone. So with a touch, you change the trend.

What you have to is to go through your wardrobe see what is missing and add then from the Amazon wardrobe refresh sale and make yourself comfortable. You only have to spend some time on your mobile so that we can make change your style to trendsetters.

Since its a new season it has it’s own flavor so we have to just mix that flavor in your wardrobe. Understand your necessities and choose them as soon as possible. Every product of this Amazon wardrobe refresh sale will be based on the new season.

We know that you are excited to know more about our this Amazon wardrobe refresh sale. We have seven days in a week and each day is important for you.

AMAZON WARDROBE REFRESH SALE 2019 – Sunday Amazon wardrobe refresh sale :

Sunday is a day to get engaged in social activities where you’ll ha e people all around you. We know that most of you out there wish to dress in casuals but should look elegant. So we are here to make you relax from both inside and outside with some latest wears in this Amazon wardrobe refresh sale. You’ll get to see many casuals which are good-looking from one another and budget-friendly.

Monday Amazon wardrobe refresh sale :

Monday is the first day of a week and we have to kick start with our usual life. Yes most of us feel lazy and upset thinking about going for work to college etc. But what if we take every Monday as a day for new trends. Yes by refreshing your wardrobe with the latest formal wears and casuals you can turn your Mondays to a show day.

Make the people look at feel jealous of you.   Tuesday is for assiduity, you will feel the ease and comfort of wearing these new dresses for the rest of the week. This assiduity will help you to wear down your opponents.

So here is a chance for you to ease the beginning of the week by making yourself splendid in those stunning wears from Amazon wardrobe refresh sale. These new collections will give you and your wardrobe a new look. By putting these new collections you’ll be amazed by the applauds that you’ll receive from friends and colleagues.

Amazon wardrobe refresh sale provides you with the latest collection that will erase the word depression from your life. It will not give you a single chance in your life to get depressed with for closet.

So it is clear that now you don’t have to get worried about your body g dresses just refresh them and style with us. So get ready to wear the new ones new makeups and new accessories only from Amazon wardrobe refresh sale at a pocket-friendly price.

Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale from 19th to 23rd December offers :

It is that time of the year again when Amazon, the most trusted online shopping platform, brings to all its mega-sale to refresh everybody’s wardrobe and spread cheerful and colorful vibes everywhere. After all, how long does one’s wardrobe like to entertain its same old boring inmates?

The time is nearing, when all excuses shall go down the drain and the exciting offers with up to 80% discount shall be available at everyone’s fingertips at this year’s Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale from 19th to 23rd December!

Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2019

Buy Now ( Women )

Modern lifestyle makes us active but leaves us lazy too. The time for shopping has to be unearthed every time there is a dire need. Luckily, the time has come and with Amazon’s sale, the cart shall have fashion, electronics, footwear and lots more with the most exciting discount and cashback offers.

All of this, right in our phones. All of our orders delivered at the most convenient time and the most convenient place and we shall get the refreshed feel at our homes, with new goods to usher in the festive season.

Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale

Buy Now (polo tees for men)

Like everything else, our wardrobes need to be refreshed from time to time. Looking at the same items for months together leaves no scope for excitement and fun. The upcoming season demands a lot of energy and vibrant colors, hence, it is time to refresh our wardrobe with the best offers possible.

Amazon brings to us some of the most exciting ranges of products ranging from smartphones, laptops, headphones, western fashion, ethnic wear, shoes and lots more. What better time to check out the latest designs and offers than now, during one of the biggest sales in the year!

Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2019

Buy Now (ankle boots for women)

Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale

Buy Now (ankle boots for men)

Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale

Get Now (sneakers shoes for women)

The entire year has created countless memories for us. There have been numerous occasions when we experienced happiness, joy, success, victory, failure, sorrow, frustration, anger and pain. In other words, it has certainly been a mixed bag of emotions for all of us throughout the year.

Before welcoming the new year, it is important to break the shackles and bring home a change which is evident at every nook and corner, i.e., it is important to refresh! This shall bring in new energy and greater motivation to take on the next set of challenges and overcome them with smiles on our faces.

Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2019

Social life is crucial for all of us. While interacting with friends, colleagues and family members, it is important to feel relaxed and comfortable while maintaining a certain class. With the best casual wear available in Amazon’s Wardrobe Refresh Sale, one can choose the perfect designs for social outings with the right budget.

This shall set the tone for the season with casual meet-ups becoming frequent and maintaining social status getting all the more important. Thanks to the sale, it is all sorted for those gatherings.

Watches up to 50% off
Longline earrings

Longline earrings up to 70% off

Office and college life are unavoidable. No matter how boring they might appear to be, they need to be lived seriously and with a lot of motivation. Beating the Monday blues certainly becomes the toughest job to do every week.

so at the refreshing sale of office clothing, college clothing, earphones, and similar items at excellent discounts, there shall be no room for lethargy as motivation shall be the word of the day. The best music systems at the sale make workout sessions the most rewarding ones. Hence, every day is bound to start with a bang with new products and a refreshing vibe of positivity.

Latest designs at the Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale

Who doesn’t like to follow the trend? With the latest designs at the Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale, it is impossible to miss out on the latest fashion and forget the old, boring designs ruining our closets and our minds. Having a fresh set of designs makes us feel light, relaxed, energetic and ready to fight all problems in our work and personal lives.

From vibrant ethnic designs to the latest western fashion, Amazon’s collection is certain to grab all eyeballs and change the look of everyone’s wardrobe. The streets shall be filled with newer hues everywhere as it is the time for the biggest sale of winter for the young as well as for the elderly, for the classy ladies and gentlemen as well as for the quirky boys and girls!

Fashion Latest designs

Latest Fashion design for her Click here to know more

The fast-approaching festive season calls for an endless list of parties and celebrations. It is impossible to miss out on the breathtaking fashion designs to clear up the wardrobe and bring in a rush of fresh, bold designs for the ultimate end of the year revelry.

It is time to let the hair loose and embrace the feeling of freedom and happiness. This is incomplete without the best fashion in town, supported by trending jewelry and footwear as well. And this cannot get easier than the refreshing sale when all that we need gets available at the best prices and offers right at our fingertips.

AMAZON WARDROBE REFRESH SALE 2019 – Amazing offers in the sale :

Nobody can wait long for such exciting offers. Hence, one should hurry when the curtains fall on 19th December 2019 and the Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2019 begins with full pomp and show. Not just for our wardrobes, it is a perfect chance for us to gift our near and dear ones the most beautiful dresses, watches, shoes, gadgets and lots more to spread happiness.

With over a thousand products to choose from, the variety and range of prices are bound to leave us in awe. Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are going to be the best ones in town with refreshed wardrobes showing off the latest designs for everyone who did not miss out on the amazing offers in the sale.

Description Offer
Men's Jeans Flat 60% off
Footwear Flat 70% off
Bedsheets Flat 60% off
Suitcase and Trolleys Min 60% off
Clothing Up to 80% off
Footwear Up to 70% off
Luggage Up to 70% off
Jewellery Up to 70% off
Handbags Up to 80% off
Watches Up to 70% off
Makeup Up to 70% off
Furnishing Up to 70% off
Sunglasses Up to 80% off

Ordering at Amazon assures the best quality of products at the best prices, with easy return policies which makes it the most trusted online shopping platform. While settling for the best deals, one should never compromise on quality. This is taken care of by Amazon due to which the customers are always satisfied with the on-time delivery of their orders.

The wardrobe refresher is bound to attract a huge volume of buyers across all segments. However, there shall be no lag in delivery or faults in processing orders. Hence, one can have complete trust in the platform which has won hearts over the years and is ready to win even more in the upcoming wardrobe refresh sale of 2019.

AMAZON WARDROBE REFRESH SALE 2019 – Christmas and New Year’s Sale :

At the special occasion of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it is important to look refreshed and for this, it is important to take the best foot forward. With a wide range of formal and casual shoes available in the sale, the thought of buying the best designs becomes irresistible.

Even for daily use, there is a huge range of lightweight items such as flip flops, all at extremely affordable prices. For ladies, the fashion in footwear keeps evolving every year and this year it is no different. With the upcoming sale, it becomes easier to scroll up and down to explore newer designs at the best offers and rock the floor everywhere!

Offer Link
Garments for Men and women up to 80% off Garments (Know more)
Footwear for Men and women up to 70% off Footwear (Know more)
Jewelry for women up to 90% off Jewellery (Know more)
Accessories up to 90% off Accessories (Know more)
Neckties up to 90% off Neckties (Know more)
Belts up to 90% off Belts (Know more)
Watches for Men and women up to 90% off Watches (Know more)

To feel refreshed is to live better. It is a necessity for all of us. Hence, we should never delay in getting rid of old, unwanted items in our wardrobes and fill them with the latest fashion – garments, footwear, jewelry, accessories and lots more!

Whether it is a formal occasion where we need to don the most classy designs in formal dressing, including formal wrinkle-free shirts, jackets, and trousers with the best accessories such as neckties, belts, and watches, or it is being a casual event where light and comfortable garments and accessories are needed.

it is necessary to hang around in style and there is no better way to fulfill all wishes than to make use of the best deals in the wardrobe refresh sale. A lot of discounts, cashback, and promo codes are available for striking the best deals. One should keep an eye on all of these to make the best of one of the biggest shopping experiences of the year.

AMAZON WARDROBE REFRESH SALE 2019 – Offers on household :

Enough has been said about what the sale has in it and how it can refresh everyone’s household. What matters is whether it is worth all the effort. In all honesty, there is hardly any effort to be made in this shopping experience apart from scrolling through the best designs and making the best decisions when one’s truly spoilt for choice.


Household up to 90% off click here to know more

It is, after all, the easiest way to forget the old designs hanging in your closet and fill them with lively ones by simply using the Amazon app on smartphones or by logging in to the Amazon website on desktops and explore the unbelievable offers available.

A good reminder would be that of the limited time offer of the sale, i.e. from 19th to 23rd December 2019 only. Only in a matter of five days, the biggest sale of winter shall be witnessed by online shoppers who shall race against time to fulfill their wishes and refresh their wardrobes.

Winter sale

Know more about biggest winter sale

It is the rule of mother nature to keep changing the surroundings to sustain life. We observe it through changing seasons, plants and animals around us. Why then should our wardrobes suffer? They need change as well, and there is not much to be done to refresh them.

The end of the year shall witness the magic of Amazon as it unleashes its mega-sale to refresh wardrobes in every household, painting every closet with new colors and spreading smiles in every home. With products available for all age groups and all income levels, it is easily the biggest online sale of the season and no one would be foolish enough to miss out on this wonderful opportunity!


Gadgets up to 90% off

The upcoming sale shall present incredible collections that have never been seen before. The best in garments, the best in accessories, the best in electronic gadgets – the best in everything! From fitness freaks to business tycoons, from artists to office-goers, from students to grandparents, everybody shall get the items that they have longed for, either gifted by their loved ones or by straightaway ordering from Amazon.

The most trusted online shopping platform. With unavoidable discounts of up to 80% off on products, this sale is bound to be the most exciting sale of the season for every shopper.

AMAZON WARDROBE REFRESH SALE 2019 – Ultimate sale of this winter :

The countdown has begun for the ultimate sale of this winter. With festivities approaching and the hype building, the excitement rises in the air around us with every passing day. Advance orders have already started pouring in before curtains are taken off the Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale of 2019.

It is not surprising though to witness should a craze. After all, who would want to miss out on such a great opportunity to get a fresh look in the festive season at the best deals possible? Hence, one should set the watch to the time when the mega-sale kicks off on 19th December 2019, as one should hurry before the best designs run out of stock in the race to buy the most sought after products at the most sought after prices!


A year marked by significant happenings in everybody’s lives. As we gear up to say goodbye to this magnificently spent 365 days, we can spot at least 365 reasons to start the new year in a refreshed manner, getting over the negatives that we experienced in the year that passed by and riding the wave of the positives.

Indeed, we must ride this wave and carry this positivity forward in the next year too, and this is not possible if we still see the same old boring items in our wardrobe even when the year has changed.

Thus, it is time to pull up our socks, roll up our sleeves, break the shackles and pounce upon the best deals available in the wardrobe refresh sale by Amazon – probably the best chance at the end of the year to savor success, forget all pain, rejoice with our loved ones, build new friendships, put on a new look and feel more refreshed than ever.

Amazon has successfully managed to, not only be one of the most popular online shopping sites in India but also become a hot favorite. With the constant deals, offers, coupons and other benefits provided by them, seasonally and thematically is something that has made it’s a way to humungous success and great deals of returns, along with customer satisfaction.

Click here to know more about Amazon upcoming Sale 2020

The last wardrobe sale was held earlier this year, which had about 80% off on trending outfits, from the latest brands from 19th to 23rd of June.

Some of the offers were :

-flat cashback of Rs. 1000 on prepaid orders

-maximum discount of Rs. 1000 on bank purchase

-Get instant 10% discount on payment through Debit card, Credit cards, etc, on purchase of products

Listed in Amazon fashion, Home furnishing, beauty categories, etc.

These offers attracted many customers, leading to consistent and continuous growth. Besides, Amazon has followed the calendar wisely in setting the deals and offers for its consumers, and with them up, coming and going, came the great Indian sale, of Diwali.

Diwali celebration in India signifies joy, wealth, heartiness and satisfaction. And Indians over the ages, have maintained, sustained and passed it on further by shopping for Diwali greeting close relatives, near and dear ones, etc.

Amazon with its very existence digitally has made it easier for its Indian customers to shop online. It is accessible to more and more people, and also affordable with the deals, coupons, discounts, etc it comes with. This sale was on groceries, electronics, home appliances and so on. After the previous wardrobe refresh sale, and the great Indian festive sale, amazon is back with yet another sale in a week, which is the second wardrobe refresh sale of the year.

This sale has 1200+ brands availed at the most affordable prices and discounts. Brands like Global Desi, Puma, U.S. Polo Assn. etc are available on great discounts during this sale.  The method for getting your hands on this big sale is actually a cakewalk.

All you have to do  is :

-Visit amazon wardrobe refresh sale page

– login/register an account with amazon

-choose a specific category according to your needs/demands

-add products to the cart

-proceed to the payment of your choice

-get them delivered, easily and safely. 

We know how important fashion is, and also know how expensive it gets. But this sale has covered, our fashion and brand need at an affordable price. According to an article, these are the rates at which certain branded outfits are availed on amazon.

There’s up to 80% off on women’s clothing, handbags, sunglasses on brands like, Caprese, etc. And there’s up to 70% off on footwear, watches, jewelry, home furnishing, make-up and cosmetics, luggage and so.

One of the biggest advantages of this sale is, that discounts can be greatly implied, as well as great coupons for future shopping can be done. Bata, Vero Moda, American Tourister, Allen Solly, Lavie, etc fashion brands have made a great and relevant position with amazon. There are 10000 coupons and additional gifts availed, on 100+ fashion brands.

Besides women’s fashion, and clothing. It has also covered up the needs of men’s sportswear, watches, formals, traditional wear, watches, etc. The plus point of this sale is that it has the latest of all the products availed. Even the ones which you may not find while shopping physically or window shopping, at a deal and priced as such.

The way to get coupons is :

-visit the Amazon India page/application

-go to sale page

-collect the coupons

-add the needed items in your cart

-get discounts automatically on your purchase. 

Besides the discount availed on the main sale, there is also a discount on women’s clothing, footwear, handbag, jewelry, etc. up to 60% and 70% off.

Brand wise discount :

-The outfits availed on other websites of Rs. 2300, are availed on amazon at a 70% discount of its original price. 

-there is besides a 40% off on levis, and Mothercare products.

-Ethnic wear in the latest colors, designs can easily be shopped on brands like Biba at 50% off. 

-also, hold on to this, but yes, they have a sale of flat 65% off on Vera Moda.

-Not only that, there’s a flat 60% off on U.S. Polo Assn. 

Yeah, let that sink in fashion lovers. And be very ready to save, spend, and look your absolute best with the best deals. 

Brands like, Sparx, Puma, bata, etc are availed on 40% to 60% off. While there are up to great discounts on watch brands, baggage, joyalukkas, etc have 40% to 50% off.

You name it and there’s a brand having fashion, Symbol, Bombay dyeing, Lakme, Shoppers Stop, Fossil, Max, MYX. Besides, the specific needs of consumers to are taken care of. For eg- Designer Boutique, Wedding store, Plus size store, Winter Wear, etc too are availed on up to 70% discount.

The discount and offer being all-inclusive covering, all your brand and specific needs makes it even more reliable and better to be accessed. The great thing about the discount besides the customers is, that the company has made rising benefits and there’s a certain decrease in loss. The revenue of the unit has grown over thrice over the last 3-4 years. The business outcome of amazon has increased up to, 7594 cr. This year. Which is almost 2500 cr. From last year’s obtained revenue according to an article from YourStory.

benefits of Amazon Prime members :

There are greater benefits on being on amazon prime, as it not only is an up-coming medium of entertainment, i.e. Indian films, Hollywood movies, Indian and International shows, original-web series with top stars, etc. being a prime member is beneficial for most of the shopping on Amazon, as it gives us the way to shop on sales earlier, and at better discount rates with faster delivery.

Amazon pay users, as mentioned above get flat Rs. 1000 cashback on minimum purchase of rs. 5000.

The future of the sales of the unit looks good, as it has already made a great place in our country, where almost 70% of the population, which is around or more than 200 million internet users. With the revenues increasing and losses plunging, amazon has set greater standards for other online shopping sites, other small or big startups, and other relevant sites.

With the variety and range availed, on amazon, also at the pace and medium at which it is endorsing itself from creating web-series, to endorsing films and everything else through social media marketing it has set itself running, and whipping for the longer race in the coming years.

Best deals on budget shopping in this Sale :

The site also has got deals on budget shopping, which is absolutely the best option for a fatter wallet. Makeup, women’s wear, watches, etc, are also available on prices between Rs. 150- 600 or 700 Rs. Range.

This feature, not only makes the brand reliable, and trustworthy to the consumers, but also, makes it accessible to them at their convenient prices. The brand does not support any normative division when it comes to customer service. It has also given its platform to smaller business individuals, to do their business and hence expand themselves around the world and in India.

This has pushed them to have certain relevance, and worth in their work, and also has developed their lifestyle considerably and made their reach better. Amazon also has a function of letting budding authors, writers, etc get published through the medium of so.  Hence giving a platform to young artists amongst the already, established and published ones in itself, is a sense of encouragement to better at the work to do, and to be done.


Get Grocery up to 75% off

Amongst grocery, Big bazaar has become the greater selling medium on amazon. It fulfills about 300 to 1000 orders per day, per store for amazon. It has been predicted to go about 4x times higher, by next year earlier. Amazon besides has also signed a deal recently with BookMyShow promoting and merging with it, to cover the shows or events tickets, etc.

The expansion of Amazon, besides the deals and everything else it provides to its customers, has to lead to a great benefit to the unit. The founder says, that he is impressed with the way amazon India has been received and looks forward to similarly consistent growth. Another one of the noteworthy features of amazon is the Alexa speaker/machine.

Alexa speaker

Get Alexa speakers up to 50% off

It’s a voice-operated, and functioning device, which guides you to the usage, advertisements, and basic activities and instructions. The voice is female, and auto-toned and also available in several languages. This has been a center of attraction for not only consumers but many other media portals as it is not a device or a regular speaker. It has garnered praise, for its humanness and created a correct sense of wonder amongst people making it more attractive and easy to be endorsed hence.

Amazon has hence, expanded well enough and aspired many new firms to merge, and threshold this big and new market that it has pioneered, thrived and excelled too.


We are collecting images and videos from google search results and various shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and so on for our affiliate promotion program. So we are giving credit for our media files like images and videos.

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