Amazon Prime Day Sale

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2020 - 6th to 7th August

The much-awaited annual amazon prime day sale is around the corner again and we are here to help you navigate through loaded virtual shopping carts and the intricate maze of offers and deals. 

Amazon never disappoints its customers and so this prime day sale is happening on the 6th of august and is going to continue till the 7th of august. Two consecutive days replete with hunting for amazing deals, keeping a lookout for brand new launches, and keeping yourself entertained with blockbuster movies and series. 

This year, the leading tech giant in business and e-commerce presents you with mouth-watering and heart-pumping deals on electronic products and various other accessories, home products, clothing packages, and so much more. The whole world awaits you and all you have to do is just charge up your mobile phones or laptops and get down to the shopping.

While not everybody has access to this amazing wonderland of deals and discounts, it is very easy and simple to get yourself entree to the amazon prime day sale on these two days. All you have to do is get the Rs. 999 annual amazon subscription and jump up on the shopping bandwagon.

Remind yourself to keep a shopping list in hand, because the sheer number of the following amazon prime day sale deals and discounts might get a bit overwhelming. So without any more hesitations,  let’s jump straight into the shopping wonderland.

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 70% off on cameras and accessories

Amazon Prime Day Sale

For every professional and beginner photographer out there, Amazon prime day sale is here for you.

Going after photography as a serious career option needs more than just directing any kind of camera at something and taking a picture; Even for the ones who pursue it as a hobby, the right kinds of equipment and gears are very important. Now stock up on your wide angled lenses, tripods lens covers, photo and studio lighting for better pictures, and even camera sensor cleaners without a second thought or any kind of hesitations. Reinvent yourself as well as your camera during this Amazon prime day sale.

With a whopping 70% off on various discounts and offers on cameras and the accessories, get ready for your hearts and photo albums to be filled. 

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 70% off on headphones

Amazon Prime Day Sale

For everyone who likes relaxing to the calm of music or dancing to the electric beats of EDM, Amazon prime day sale is here. Considering that most part of this planet’s population is into this, it is really a huge and grand collection of people.

Not just music, listening to podcasts, to news channels, cooking recipes, and even talking to people, all of this has become a huge part of people’s lives. And what better way to celebrate these than buying yourself a brand new pair of headphones. 

With better acoustic machinery and longer extensions of Bluetooth connectivity, splurge on your leisures with up to 70% off on numerous deals and offers on headphones during this Amazon Prime Day sale. Get your hearts and ears filled with the joy and rhythm of sound.

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 50% off on Alexa Devices

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Alexa, play me the Amazon Prime day sale deals. Oh wait, you still haven’t bought one I see, then why wait any longer without this marvel of artificial intelligence. Keeping the screenplay a bit aside, let us dig into the benefits of Amazon’s prodigy child, Alexa.

Be it learning new facts and information, playing your favorite artist’s album without moving an inch, learning new recipes step by step while you are preparing it, exercise with your new digital buddy, or even playing fun family games, Alexa is a one pit stop for entertainment.

And why stop at Alexa, with the latest products like the echo dot, echo smart tv display screens, firestick TV remotes, and so much more that help makes your life easier and more convenient.

So, this amazon prime day sale, get your devices and yourself smarter with up to 50% off on various discounts and offers on Alexa devices. 

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 40% of Air Conditioners

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Air Conditioners are on the must-buy list for every family living in a tropical climate and this Amazon prime day sale is here to allow you to let a bit of steam off as well. Get to choose your pick amongst big names like Voltas, Whirlpool, Carrier, Godrej, LG, and the very own Amazon Basics.

Input your price requirements from under Rs. 10,000 to over Rs. 30,000, and if you are not satisfied with the range, you get to choose your own maximum and minimum cost brackets yourself.

From knowing whether the split AC or the window AC suits you, to picking out your favorite color. You also have the luxury of selecting the necessary features you want to be included in the AC – dust filter, air purifier, antibacterial coating to WiFi connectivity.

So, cool your rooms and your wallets with up to 40% off on discounts and deals on Air Conditioners and a no-cost EMI, this Amazon Prime Day Sale

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 60% off on Smart Television Sets

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Enhance your plain and conventional television sets without any doubts or hesitations during this Amazon prime day sale. Televisions have become quite neglected over the past couple of years. Sure, it has a big screen and is placed just at the right angle in the bedroom; but just flipping over and over through a limited number of channels is bound to lose its charm in the end. And with subscription packs getting costlier, the channels reduce, and the limitations increase.

But there is a way to upgrade your overlooked TVs that combines the usefulness of a large screen with the unlimited world of internet – Smart TV. Now, watch YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, play games, and learn online lessons from your plain jane TVs.

Especially, the Amazon prime day sale is offering up to 60% off on various discounts on Television Sets, so grab them up.

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 60% off on daily essentials 

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Get all of your monthly requirements of essential products fulfilled at the Amazon prime day sale. In fact, you could just keep the stocks of atleast a couple of months filled up. Just like our bodies have a daily dietary requirement filled with proteins, carbohydrates, and calorie quotients; similarly, our homes and houses also require some daily essential products.

For instance, health and personal care products, like shampoos, soaps, conditioners, etc, grooming range products, like shaving cream, razors, toothbrushes, perfumes, and even dish cleaners, floor cleaners and detergents to keep the home fresh and clean.

While these may sound like a small number, oftentimes, these products can amount to a really big part of your budget. But Amazon has devised a way to help you through this.

Keep your cupboards and bathroom shelves filled up to the brim with up to 60% off on various deals and offer on this Amazon prime day sale.

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 60% off on baby products

Amazon Prime Day Sale

All the cute babies raise both of your hands because the upcoming amazon prime day sale is here and it sees you. After all, why should adults have all the fun?

From the necessary primary items like diapers and nappy changing products, baby clothes, baby shoes, pacifiers and teethers, and potty training tools to secondary but nevertheless important items like baby carriers, bed sheets furniture and even room décor for the baby room, gift packs as well as fun and entertaining games and toys, this is your baby buffet for all the things that may be required or wanted.

Baby-friendly soaps, shampoos, and powders are all available here for your babies.

So, prepare to rock your babies’ worlds on this amazon prime day sale which is giving you up to 60% off on all the essential baby products. 

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 70% off on clothing 

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Get amazing dresses at really affordable prices on this amazon prime day sale. An online sale without a clothing sector, can it really be a sale! And since amazon knows its business and also values its customers, this prime day sale is exactly what you were looking for.

Be it sportswear or fitness clothes, casual clothes, traditional clothes or clothes for special and festive occasions, everything is available here.

With clear distinctions between men’s and women’s clothing (to make your shopping experience much more convenient), each section is offering up to 70% off on discounts on clothes because Amazon is all about that equality. Big names like H&M, Vero Moda, Burberry, to even special designer clothing lines, get the chance to choose amongst all of them and do not miss out on such great offers.

Fill up your half-deserted wardrobes this festive season and do it with double the style, grace, and elegance, and less than half the prices, with the Amazon prime day sale.

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 70% off on footwear

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Shoes are the second most important part of an outfit and the upcoming Amazon prime day sale knows that too. Sports shoes, hiking shoes, riding boots, stilettos, kitten heels, laced boots, trendy sneakers, and the unending list is long enough to completely fill up a couple of closets easily.

And we are talking about the huge walk-in closets that Carrie Bradshaw had. Also, it is not just the different kinds of footwear that are being talked about here, but also the type of designs any single footwear can be available in. Like animal prints, or flower patterns, solid colors, or even bejeweled pieces.

While most of us are still quite far away from that closet, nobody has really stopped us from beginning to stock up. Big brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, Max, Woodlands, all of them have poured in their collections for you to have your pick.

Get all of your shoe fantasies fulfilled with discounts of up to 70% off on footwear during this amazon prime day sale.

  1. Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 60% off on furniture

Amazon Prime Day Sale

This amazon prime day sale gets ready to ring in the new and ring out the world furniture of your house.

Change that broken chair with a sturdier and newer one; Add in a new coffee table in your living room to enhance the elegance of the room; Replace your old worn-out sofa set for a brand new comfier and shinier one; instead of going through all the trouble of changing the damaged legs of your dinner table, buy a new one at less the cost and less the effort.

Install a wardrobe to store all your extra clothes; a furniture is always an excellent form of gifts, so give your newly married friend a surprise by presenting them with a new king size bed.

The list goes on. And there is more, all the furniture has a free installation guarantee.

So, give your home an impressive makeover on this Amazon prime day sale with discounts of up to 60% on furniture. 

While these mentioned above are some of the hottest deals to look out for, there are some other prime day deals listed below to not miss out on as well.


  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 55% off on large appliances
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 60% off on Home products
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 55% off on Kitchen and dining
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 60% off on electronic accessories
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 50% off on sanitizers
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 50% off on masks with top branded cloth masks starting from Rs. 199
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 60% off on Car and bike accessories
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 50% off on household supplies
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 50% off on office products
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 55% off on home storage and tools
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 60% off on sports and fitness products
  • Amazon Prime Day Sale – Up to 70% off on pet accessories
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