Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Best Freedom Sale in India


What are some of the best things that this country has witnessed on the 15th of August, one is, of course, Our Independence Day and the other definitely has to be the Amazon Independence Day Sale. 

Amazon is back with its historical day sales for this year and it is all ready for your participation. Just like our great freedom fighters freed us from the tyrannous British Rule by employing every means necessary, let us free our overburdened shopping carts from the constraints of expensive prices with the help of the eye-grabbing and heart-pumping deals of the Amazon Great Indian Day sale.

From clothes to footwear, to handbags, to home essentials like refrigerators and washing machines, to electrical gadgets like laptops, earphones, and mobile phones, the Amazon Independence Day sale 2020 is every shopper’s dream. 

Held from 9th August to 12th August, the four days long shopping extravaganza is what most people are aiming for. You can shop apparel from Kids, Women, and men, Gadgets and Appliances, Decorative lighting, Home equipment and so much more.

Washing machines Up to 45% off
Home SuppliesMin 50% off
Cameras and additional Camera accessoriesUp to 20% off
Computing Devices and AccessoriesUp to 50% off
Clothing essentialsFlat 50% off
Reputable anti-virus software’sUp to 50% off
Luggage and accessoriesUp to 70% off
Home AccessoriesUp to 70% off

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Up to 70% off on handbags and footwear

Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020
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HandbagsClick here
FootwearClick here

Remember movie scenes that had walk-in closets with like a big chunk of it filled with stylish handbags and trending footwear? Of course, you do, and although we could never be the princess of a fictional country, we can begin with the dream collection.

And if you are in the process of collecting these, what better way than to begin it here at the Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020. So, stock up on your new and aesthetic handbags and footwear and start your Independence Day with a bang. From big brands to domestic designs, if the shoe (or bag) fits, claim it as yours.

For your convenience, the deals have been placed within different categories. With shoes for kids, women, and men; and bags ranging from handbags, wallets, sling bags to sturdy backpacks, you are bound to find something that catches your eye.

Top brands like Lavie, Caprese, and Van Heusen have pitched in to make your independence day even more special. There are super affordable ranges under Rs. 799, Rs.599, and even Rs. 499 for pocket-friendly shoppers.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Up to 50% off on headsets

Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Meetings? Personal Calls? Live Online Classes? Relaxing or Hip – Hop music? The movie that just released on your favorite OTT streaming platform? Learning daily hacks from YouTube? Including all these, and more, you need to make sure that your sound waves are working as they should and that your ears are picking up those precisely.

And what better way to do it than an amazing, comfortable and affordable pair of headsets.  So, forget those days of crying over bad audio because now you have Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 in front of you. Dry up those tears and finally click the buy button on that earphone that had been lying idle in your virtual shopping cart for so many days.

For gaming freaks, Amazon presents an amazing 3-in-1 combo of a quality headset with a 40mn driver, optical mouse, and a premium quality mouse pad from game dias at a discounted price of Rs.1800. The newly launched Realme Buds Q available to you at a 25% discounted price of Rs.1,999 will make the best pair for all Realme users. Branded headphones from Xiaomi with a discount upto 40%.

To experience a great 3D sound effect and enhanced battery a life Cross beat pebble 2020 new edition at Rs. 4,499 with a discount upto 50%. You also get a 40-50% discount on popular brands like JBL, Samsung, Sony, and many more.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Up to 70% off on Active Wear

Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

The prolonged lockdown days, the emergence of virtual classrooms and the shifting professional life with work from home taking up more space; if there is one thing all of us have been neglecting is our physical activities.

I am talking about the gym session after work every day, the running off to play with friends after school hours or even the yoga sessions in the morning. And even the most dedicated of people have just held on to the occasional exercises. But this cannot go on longer and we need to focus on our physical health again.

While in recent months a cloud of lethargy has been hovering over us, there is a way to kick start our exercise rates again. And that is buying some new Activewear. So shake off the blues and get your sportswear at the upcoming Amazon Independence Day sale and watch those extra calories shed off.

From gender-specific activewear to running shoes, Grab all you can and catch up on that exercise that you had been missing. And for the not so dedicated people, there are also sports tees, shorts, track pants, swimwear available here. With price filters under Rs. 799, and even under Rs. 599, there is something for everyone out there.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Up to 70% off on Women’s home wear

Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

There are very few things that can be thought of as comfortable as returning to your home after a long exhausting day off work, freshening up, and slipping into those extra soft and extra cozy home-wear clothes. No matter how many clothes are available for you to wear at your house, it really is never enough.

There really can never be too many clothes, and especially when we are talking about clothes that can be worn at home. Because there are so many criteria that home-wear clothes have to fill, like snug but not scratchy, light but not too thin, etc, etc. All of us have been there.

And Amazon Independence Day Sale knows that too and that is why it has brought to you discounts of up to 70% on home wear for women. After all, though we can’t pick our homes, we can definitely pick our home-wear clothes. Don’t miss this chance. 

To match your types of denim perfectly and give you a stylish outlook you will be getting beautiful floral print flared sleeve tops at a discount of 40%-60% on the marked price. Cotton Kurtis will make a perfect choice when you go out in this raging summer weather.

In this amazon independence day sale, you get more than 60% discount on the smart and colorful long- length casual cotton Kurtis making them the perfect summer upgrade to your wardrobe.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Up to 70% off on Men’s casual wear

Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Casual wear is tricky, because, on one hand, it has to be casual enough, but on the other hand, if it gets too casual, you might end up getting the judgemental side-eyes from everyone. That is why it is always better to have quite a collection of those so that you are never caught off-guard and here is your chance.

Get prepared to upgrade your wardrobes and gift yourself with a stylish classy makeover. With this amazon Independence Day sale, you get a flat discount of up to 70% more than 3 lakhs styles from most popular brands like Puma, Nike, campus sutra, Allen Solly, Levi’s, and many more.

So, without making much effort pick your smartphone, open the Amazon app and give yourself a refreshed look this summer and get yourself loads of exciting discounts and offers. 

Let’s have a quick check on the top offers and top picks available to you. Attractive half sleeve T-shirts in cotton, dry-fit fabrics from polo, flying machine, Allen Solly are featured at a discount of 30-50% on the MRP. Available in more than 50% discount, the comfy casual shorts from Vigo and Van Heusen available in the range of colors and design would be a smart addition to your wardrobe.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Up to 50% off on Lighting Products

Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

While Diwali is the time when most people get the decorative lighting off from the top of their shelves, dust it off a little and get to work. But in recent years, there has been a surge of young people, with new buildings and apartments, eager to light up their homes, 24 * 7, all days of the year. And why shouldn’t they?

I want for the insta worthy picture, get that aesthetic lighting fixed in your room and there you have it; In want for a romantic evening with your significant other, the right lighting can help you so much; and in general, a lit-up a house is a happy house. Also, Diwali is not far away, if you think about it. So, with no further excuses, jump on the Amazon Independence Day Sale bandwagon with up to 50% off on lighting products.

Sprinkle a few other discounts on home décor products, like cushions, wallpapers, bedsheets, etc and you immediately have a social media-worthy house ready for you. Don’t just stop with dressing yourself up, dress your house up as well with exciting offers and discounts on the Amazon Independence Day sale 2020.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Up to 30% off on Refrigerators

Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

What better way to cool off from these hot summers than buying a brand new refrigerator for your overheated house. And that too, when you have the option of getting up to 30% off on discounts as well as great cashback offers for your old product.

After all, stocking up on groceries and other food items is really necessary- especially with the way 2020’s been going, you never know what might happen next. Also, have you seen those really cute viral videos where people put their puppies in the fridge for some time so that they can let off some steam?

The opportunities that you have with a good old refrigerator is endless. So, preserve your pickles, jams, and juices and store your fruits and vegetables with the help of Amazon Independence Day Sale.

What would be your preference- single door, double door, multi-door, or for the more climate caring users, energy-efficient? Or you are you more of a read the features before buying it, buyer?

No matter what it be, you get all of that at the Amazon Independence Day sale 2020, added with the luxury of choosing and buying at your own house, peacefully and calmly. Make use of your choices and happy shopping

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Up to 50% off on Laptops

Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Laptops are, undoubtedly, one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Sure you have to do your school PowerPoint projects, your office excels spreadsheets and manages all business financial records, etc on them; But there are positive sides to the argument too.

Like you get to play the latest games on your laptops, watch movies on a bigger screen than your mobile phones, edit videos for fun, and basically look up for everything under the sun. Besides, they make for superb gifts too, in case you were searching for ideas. So now you would want to buy one for sure.

What if you find out it gets even better because it really does on this Amazon Independence Day Sale. You will be getting up to 50% cut off on laptops if you shop during this time. Celebrate your Independence with the latest laptop from Amazon.

From HP to Dell to Asus, have your pick at this grand buffet for shoppers.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Up to 40% off on Makeup and Beauty

Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Makeup is an artistic expression that is often worn by people to reveal their inner freedom and confidence. Don’t believe me, make up is prohibited in North Korea. Keeping that bit of information in your mind and thanking the heavens that you were born in a free democratic society, let your independence show through your beauty.

What better day than our own Independence day to do that. With discounts and offers for up to 40% off on Makeup and beauty products, arouse your inner artist and get shopping.

With big names like Maybelline and Lakme in focus, it is bound to be a big hit for makeup lovers. Skin Care, Hair Care, Nail care Fragrances, and Luxury products to find a place in this star-studded list. So, get ready to spoil yourself or you also have the decision to pamper your loved ones by gifting them, all at the Amazon Independence Day Sale. 


So, what are you waiting for! Start filling up your shopping carts with whatever you want and when the sale comes, go all out on your amazon app. 

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Get Upto 45% off on Washing machines 

Samsung 6.2 kg Rs. 13,299
Samsung 6.0 KgRs. 22,000
LG 6.5 Kg 5 StarRs. 15,900
Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 StarRs. 8,990
Bosch 7 kgRs. 28,990
Bosch 6 kgRs. 20,499
Bosch 8 kgRs. 32,499
Whirlpool 6.2 kgRs. 12,490
Haier 6.2 KgRs. 11,490
Whirlpool 7 kg 5 StarRs. 15,810

In this generation, having a washing machine is not a luxury anymore, it is a must-have electronic appliance in every household. Amazon Independence day sales offer you to avail modern washing machines with advanced functions from best brands at an impressive discount of almost 45% on the marked price.

You can have access to a fully automatic, top-loading washing machine with a capacity of 6.5 kg from Haier at a remarkable discount of almost 30%. Fully-Automatic 5 star washing machine from LG and  Samsung will also be available to you at a price much less than the actual cost.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 -Get Min 50% off on Home Supplies

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020
Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Home is our first school and this is from where we start our basic education. Most people dream of having a house of their own and have already started saving up for their future houses. But just a simple cement and brick structure do not make up a house. There are necessary appliances, water pipes, household cleaners, dish cleaners, etc, required to hold your dream house together.

So, this amazon Independence day sale 2020 is giving you a minimum of 50% off on discounts and offers on various home supplies. From laundry requirements to the kitchen equipment to home fresheners and even tools to control any kind of pest infestations in your beloved house. Hence, build your dream house into a tangible reality and do all of that just from your phones.  

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Get Up to 20% off on Cameras and additional Camera accessories

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020
Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Staying indoors doesn’t mean we cannot prompt your creativity level. as a kick start to this Amazon Independence day sale 2020 offers you a golden opportunity to upgrade your old photography kit or make a new one at an affordable cost. You will be getting a decent discount on cameras- DSLRs, mirrorless, point-and-shoot along with lenses, tripods, and other necessary accessories.

For your convenience, we have handpicked some of our favorite products which includes Canon EOS mark IV 30.4 MP Digital SLR Camera equipped with full-frame CMOS sensor at a discount of up to 14%, Nikon D750 24.3MP Digital SLR camera with 24-120 4G VR kit + free lower pro photo hatchback 22L AW  at a price of Rs.1,44,900 with a discount of 18%, UV protection lens filters and premium quality lenses from popular brands at a huge discount rate. So, its time to explore your photography skills with these kits only on Amazon.  

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Get Up to 50% off on Computing Devices and Accessories

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020
Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Now you might be racking up your brains trying to think of the names of some computing devices because you just bought a new computer recently and that feels quite complete for you.

Well, then this might or might not be the section for you. Even new computers and laptops can be made more suitable for your personality, like some customizable mousepad covers, printers, the ink required for printers, maybe even a few extension cables. However, for the technical connoisseurs, this section has been made especially for you.

For people who like to build their computer ecosystems from scratch – because from computers, laptops, to wireless mouse, to adjustable keyboards, you get all of that in the same place. And with the Amazon Independence day sale 2020, you get everything at discounts and offers that go up to 50% off on all computing devices and accessories. 

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Get your clothing essentials at half the price

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020
Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Clothing is an essential part of every body’s lifestyle. And there are essentials within the essentials. Let me try again and this time with a little less confusing sentence. There are essential pieces of clothing that we all have and need and without these, our wardrobes are bound to remain incomplete, no matter how many party dresses we have collected.

Like a pair of warm socks that fit your feet snugly all the time; the plain professional fitted jackets that add an ‘oomph’ factor to your job interviews or meetings; a plain solid color sports bra for women and a pair of clean soft undergarments for men; the belts that hold up your pants; and the comfortable camisoles that support your clothes.

And at the Amazon Independence day sale 2020, you have the chance to buy all these and some more at just half the prices. So, keep in mind to clear a space in your wardrobe because the essentials are on their way.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Get up to 50% off on reputable anti-virus softwares

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020
Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Our computers have a right to remain protected and nowadays with the increasing surge of cyber attacks, it has become more important than ever. Thankfully (and hopefully), you do not work in the Pentagon so you do not need to worry so much. But that shouldn’t stop you from protecting your computers, laptops and mobile phones too.

And that is why anti-virus softwares are a godsend. But here is a catch too and that is you need to find good software that is updated and keeps your firewall strong against any harmful spyware, malware, and trojan attacks; scan regularly for any kind of hidden threats, and keep your web searches incognito from any 3rd party viewer.

While there are quite a few of these types available, they also usually happen to fall on the expensive side of things. You are, however, lucky because this Amazon Independence Day sale 2020 is bringing along with it up to 50% off on such esteemed anti-virus softwares and services. Keep your data safe and also do not have to go bankrupt while doing so.

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Get up to 70% off on luggage and accessories

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020
Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Business trips? Adventure trips? Holiday trips?

Amazon Independence day sale offers you a remarkable discount of upto 70% on all types of travel luggages and other accessories to keep you always prepared for sudden business trips to pre-planned adventure trips.

You get a flat discount of 70 % on low weight, stylish mini trolley bags which is the best choice for oner night business trips. For all adventure lovers, Amazon offers stylish rucksacks with huge carrying capacity allowing you to organize and carry your important stuff carefully and properly. On Amazon, you can avail of this amazing deal at a discount of almost 60%.

You will also get a combo of two polycarbonate bags with classic color finishing. It has 360-degree wheels that check your comfort level during travel. Along with all these at Amazon independence day sale you will be also getting neck-pillows to support your neck when traveling, water bottle bags, locks for the safety of your kinds of stuff at a discount up to 60%. 

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020 – Get up to 70% off on Home Accessories

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020
Image – Amazon Independence Day Sale 2020

Well, we just talked about home supplies, so you might be thinking why a separate sector for that again. Since it can be considered a common mistake, so you are forgiven. Because home accessories deserve a different section for themselves. That is why while you are on a shopping spree for home supplies, grab a few of these accessories too.

Home accessories, or home décor as it is more commonly known, is the second step in making your dream house a reality. Of course, stocking up on essential supplies is necessary, but a bare home can be nobody’s dream. Therefore, to make your houses more pretty and more homely, decors like candles, shelves, wall hangings, wall posters, statues and figurines, curtains, and the list is endless.

After all, can anybody really get tired of decorating their houses? Hence this Amazon Independence day sale 2020 keeps that in mind and brings you all things home accessories with up to 70% off in various discounts and offers. 

So, what are you waiting for! Start filling up your shopping carts with whatever you want and when the sale comes, go all out on your amazon app. Fulfill your shopping destinies on this Amazon Independence day sale 2020.


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