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Yes, you heard the right Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020, we Indians belong to a different language, different culture, and different religions which leads to the different festivals. India celebrates a new festival according to our culture, some are the common festivals which we celebrate together and some are we celebrate our culture which is celebrated with our culture people.

Festivals of different cultures have a different meaning in it and of course, some traditional values which we Indians respect very well. We Indians are not only proud of being Indian but also we are proud of the culture or religion we belong to.

No doubt we respect other cultures, religions, and festivals very well, we not only value it but also we try to involve in it which shows that we are one. Even Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 also helps to celebrate the festival that provides all the things related to our festival.

We Indians have a huge list of festivals so festivals mean celebration, happiness, joy, and positive vibes. Yes I know festivals mean cooking delicious food, shopping for clothes, and some sweets which add sweetness to our festivals. I am the one who loves festivals just because of shopping, we girls usually don’t need a reason to do shopping but you know the festival is a great reason to do shopping. 

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 has a huge variety for girls and boys too, who said only girls can enjoy shopping. Why? Boys don’t celebrate the festival or they don’t like to shop, it’s nothing like that in festivals boys also love to do shopping. So amazon has the variety for boys too, yes boys you can say why girls should be first in fashion and shopping.

Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 is the great news for every Indian because festivals mean sales and sales means saving. Not only shopping but amazon have other things too. No doubt in this quarantine amazon was one of them who was entertaining us from its online platform which is available as amazon prime Video.

One month’s subscription is free for you and after that, you can pay monthly or yearly to get entertain by seating at home or from anywhere. Yes, amazon prime is the online entertaining platform where you will get everything from serials to movies, not only these you will get Hollywood and Bollywood latest release movies, drama, or web series. There are other things too apart from movies, you will get music videos.

Amazon prime video has two subscription plans one is of yearly it cost you till 999 Rs and the second is you can subscribe to it monthly that cost you 129 Rs every month.

There is another online platform who entertain us like Hotstar and Netflix. Everyone has their uniqueness and movie, TV shows, and web series collection, even they have their shows and web series.

It depends on person to person which online entertaining platform they should choose because after selecting amazon prime video this is the benefits you get and I think it is rare to get on another platform.

Here feels like it’s more than a double combo like shopping + entertainment, I don’t think this combo is available somewhere else because amazon has its shopping site and entertainment site too. This is a plus point for not only amazon but also for the audience which leads to saving services, customers save a lot in this and get more benefits.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon
  • You will get a free delivery service on shopping on Amazon and you get fast delivery services.
  • There are discounts and cashback available once you subscribe to amazon prime video, you get the latest music video.
  • It’s not only about the latest thing but also the old one if you like old movies, web series or TV show which is available on amazon prime Video.
  • There are sales available every 1 -2 months for the members who have to subscribe to amazon prime video.
  • You can watch the moves, videos, and web series ads-free, now advertisements will not disturb you every time.
  • Not only movies but also documentaries available
  • Video quality is available in HD.

 You have a download option where you can download your favorite video and later you can watch it offline, data saving happens. There are family shows, movies, and web series available which you can enjoy it with your family so spend your time with your family because of entertainment.

Not only family show there show available for kids too, now your kids will not get bored at home and there are varieties of entertainment available for kids too, what else we need? Kids will be happy and quite where you can do your work calmly, kids will not disturb you once they will get busy in watching Kids amazon prime videos.

Even there is no need to fight on what to watch on TV because you can watch your movie on Amazon Prime Video where no one will disturb you and pass the TV remote happily towards family members with smiling faces because amazon prime Video is there. If you are not a great fan of web series, movies, and TV shows then you will love the documentaries available on it which will add knowledge in your mind.

Nowadays people are not only getting crazy for amazon prime Video but they are getting crazy for Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 too. We Indians love amazon because it not only looks after our needs but also look after our pocket that cool!!! Right? I am the one who is shopping from amazon for more than 3 years, it is a trusted shopping site no only me but also the whole India trust amazon for shopping, that’s the reason Amazon is one of the top shopping web sites in India.

Shopping means amazon, which delivers a quality product to the door safely. Amazon always tries to update themselves, that’s the great thing I found about it. When they were new in the market they were having clothes and electronics things after than they bought kitchen appliances and many more things with so many famous brands.

I loved the recent update on amazon is grocery and pantry which made people in this virus situation buy not only kitchen appliances but also groceries in the kitchen.

From male to women and kids to elders, from electronics to books and kitchen appliances to home decoration amazon made everything easy for us. One-stop shopping online platform more than lakh people are connected to it and use to it who are shopping for years on amazon because you get everything at your doorstep.

No need to step out plus amazing thing is as compare to offline price online prices are low and that’s what Indian love. We Indians not only love to do the shopping for us but also we shop for others too because we Indians have a large family and of course every festival is a festival of get together where we not only share our happiness but also we receive and give gifts to each other so savings are also important for us, that what amazon care about us.

Big family means doesn’t mean a huge amount you are going to spend but now because of Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020, big families mean big savings, and big savings mean a lot of shopping without the stress.

Amazon pay and Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

Yes now no need to get upset because you will able to buy gifts for you too with friends and family, this festival makes yourself happy with Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020. 

Amazon may give you so many cashback or coups that are making shopping more ease that’s sound more exciting right? You can not only use the amazon pay app to pay for your Amazon shopping but it also allows you to pay on other shopping sites through amazon pay.

Yes, amazon pay is like a Google pay through which you can pay any bill, you can recharge your phone, order your food, you can book a hotel room, you can book a cab, you can book uber services, you can pay for your medicine and you can buy anything by using amazon mobile wallet. Gift cards are also available in amazon pay, you can send it to your clients to appreciate their work and they will work more sincerely.

Benefits of using Amazon pay and Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon
  • You can check out easily and quickly.
  • You can add money by using many payment methods and you can use your money anytime whenever it is needed.
  • Credit card and debit card of India can only be used, you can’t use international cards.
  • 20000RS is a maximum limit, you can add it to the account monthly.
  • Check an offer while shopping or it includes future shopping cashback.
  • You can use your cashback to recharge your mobile or you can add it to your bank account.
  • There are multiple cashback and offers are available through which you can save more money.
  • You can pay for amazon shopping where chances are you will get a discount or cashback.
  • You don’t have to wait for OTP while paying for anything.

Audible audiobooks and Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon
Offer NameDiscount
10000+ BooksMinimum 25% off
Toys and GamesUp to 70% off
Video games and accessories Starting Rs.149
SoftwareUp to 70% off

Are you the one who loves books and can’t live without books but the busy schedule, no time to read books which are on your table or bedside? You are so busy that you can’t take out time to look at the book but you listen to songs and scroll the social media? Amazon has a great idea for you, the book lover’s amazon cares for you too.

There are audible books available for you on amazon where one month you get free and then you have to subscribe to it. There are English books available and Hind books lovers don’t be disappoint there are Hindi audible audiobooks are available for you too.

So happy now!!! You can listen to the book you want and you will feel like you have read the book when you listen you remember more parts of the story so it’s worth listening to the books which are a time saver.

So this festival you will not only save your time but also you will save your money because audiobooks mean no need to order books and the best part is when you feel like to stop the subscription you can stop it. After reading targeted books you can easily unsubscribe it and get back to your work.

So booklovers this festival enjoy the favorite audiobook by seating in the balcony or your room, you can hear it while sleeping too, just enjoy and take the experience of the audible audiobook which have clear audio with no mistakes it easy to hear and remember, check out the offers going out you will save more money.

New release audiobooks are also available and best seller books audiobooks are available so now you will not miss any book to hear which is amazing right.

Kindles E-Readers & e-book Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

OH!!! You are the one who likes to read books but not to listen, yes I can understand reading is your habit which is sometimes not easy to leave. Don’t worry amazon also took care of you, Kindles E-readers & e-books are available online by amazon where you can read your favorite book.

Bestsellers books are available on kindle and kindle accessories are also available so now it’s easy to read book online where your hand will not feel heavy while reading the books and you can read it easily anywhere you want because it’s easy to carry e-books which are light way, you can read it while traveling or in-office breaks choice is your because of your book and you easy to get connected right so this festival read your favorite books on kindle.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

I have talked about amazon’s book, payment, and of course, the most important thing is the one who entertained us in this quarantine is amazon prime video. But wait!!! There are many things to talk about amazon which are important and you need to know about Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020. 

Usually what we do before festivals? House cleaning work, decoration work, making some sweets at home, and then we decide on our clothes shopping and many more things.

Festivals are the one which comes and go but amazon remains that much value for us as it was during the festival time because every day is like a festival when we do shopping on Amazon. After all, we get discounts and cashback but we get more discounts and cashback on festivals.

Now our next festival is Navratri means 9 days full of celebration and dance, yes I know it’s not possible to go out and play Dandiya but it’s possible to celebrate every festival with our family at home. Get ready for Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 and shop whatever you want and enjoy with family.

No virus can stop you from shopping and getting happy because it’s safe to shop on Amazon. So after Navratri, there is Diwali- the festival of light, so shop the candle from amazon and other stuff for the Diwali festival and light a candle or diya of hopes at your home to get out of the current dark situation.

After Diwali, there is a Christmas, so shop gifts for a children’s and surprise them in December then there will be New Year celebrate it. Start your new year with positive vibes by maintaining diaries and writing new resolutions for a year on it, shop gifts for you on New Year to start your year with positive vibes. And in these festivals Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 will be with you providing a great service of delivery and good product quality.

In every festival, amazon is with you because it’s like our family shop who knows what we need and when, yes they also know our budget so give us discounts and cashback. OH!!! I remember something from discounts and cashback, who don’t like saving?

Everyone likes saving and due to the current situation everyone wants to save their money but this is India, where there are so many festivals, comes in a year and our plan of savings get flop but don’t get disappoint this year because you are going to spend less and shop more How?  

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 is giving you the chance of saving and enjoying your festival without doing Kanjusi, where on every product there is an offer a discount going on. Yes, India you heard it right on every product you are going to save.

Yes I know you are waiting for Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020, it is coming soon excited to know what you can shop and what the new things available on Amazon are. Stay tuned to know about amazon now because it is a festive season here and that’s great.

Small business with Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon
Offer CategoryDiscount
Home and KitchenUp to 60% off
Clothing and AccessoriesUp to 70% off
Food and GourmetUp to 50% off
Electronics and accessoriesUp to 70% off

One of the kindest things I loved about Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 is they started helping small business, I mean now small business stores are available on amazon.

This is one of the greatest ideas of amazon to give opportunities to small businesses which is beneficial to amazon customers. How? I am the one who doesn’t like branded things, I love brands but there are few products that I like to shop which are non-branded so there are people like me who are there a lot so for them, it became easy to do shopping now on amazon.

Save more with Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

I have already talked about savings a lot, I would like to repeat it. There is a new way to save more with Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020, there are going to be extra savings because you are going to get cashback rewards. If you are the one who is going to pay from amazon’s wallet every day then there is good news!!! You are going to save 500RS daily

Stretch your budget with Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

Don’t stress but Stretch your budget now because Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 is here where there is a Credit/Debit offer for HDFC Bankers there is a10% instant discount for you.

If you are the Bajaj Credit/Debit cardholder than there is an offer for you and that is No Cost EMI, Credit limit up to 1 Lakh.

New Launches with Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

 There is a variety of products available on Amazon for shopping but there is something new on amazon, yes there is a new product launched on amazon chances are you will find it amazing.

  • Book readers there is a new book going to get launch in October and book name is Hidden In Plain Sight by Jeffrey Archer, you can pre-order this book now so that you will be the first one to read that book.
  • So dear travellers here is amazing news for you and that is you can book train tickets from amazon pay soon, so plan travellers where you have to and pack your bag because you are getting a chance to book a ticket to the train.
  • Entertainment lovers and especially the Mirzapur lovers there is exciting news for you and that is Mirzapur season 2 is soon getting launch on amazon prime video and 26 October 2020 is the date you will get to watch Mirzapur.
  • Video game players amazon has not forgotten you so be ready to play games more because there are new video games and video game accessories are launched and some are coming soon on amazon so stay tune players on Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020.
  • Are you the one who is planning to buy a phone so have more patience because there is a new mobile getting launch on 14 October, there is a launch event of it. One plus 8T 5G is the mobile coming in the market soon so mobile lovers this is amazing news for you.
  • Fire TV stick light with Alexa Voice Remote Lite is getting launch on 15 October you can pre-book now.
  • You are the one who is planning for purchasing a refrigerator, have some patience don’t select a refrigerator in a hurry because there is a 468L Frost Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator is going get launch soon on amazon

Save Big on Top Brands with Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

As we know there are big brands sell their products on the online platform that is amazon, just because amazon we can afford branded quality products. So fashion lovers whoever you are a girl or a boy there is an amazon fashion came up with an offer for you.

There are all types of fashion clothes available on amazon from saree to Kurti, from jeans to Kurta, and much more is available on Amazon, there are a variety of clothes available in traditional and western too for both men and women. And the most amazing thing is there are new stylish clothes are available where you will not get bore to select your fashionable clothes.

So offers like No Cost EMI, there are new deals every day that will help you to shop more, you can return the clothes in 30 days if in case it doesn’t fit you or you feel it doesn’t suit you, and most important is it is pocket friendly.

Mobile and accessories in Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

In this quarantine, I am sure your mobile and its accessories are in low condition just because we have used ait a lot which we never did before but the thing is we never had a long holiday like this so yes due to the overuse of mobile and accessories they are in a low condition, it’s time to change the mobile and accessories.

Yes, I can understand there is a budget problem too but don’t worry Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 has thought of it. Some new mobiles and accessories are launch on amazon which are in the budget. There are amazon special launches, you should check it out. Guys!!! Exchange offer is available on amazon so what else we want, I am feeling like I got a lottery. 

There is no cost EMI, the total damage protection offer is going on this is making me crazy and I am going to but a mobile phone on amazon. Only mobiles don’t have an offer there are discounts, I mean deal available on mobile accessories. Feels like a combo pack where you will get mobile in offer plus there are mobile accessories deals are also going on.

Widest Range of the offer in Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Image Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 credit – Amazon

Kitchen shopping is one of the most important shopping because we Indians can’t live without food. We are foodie so homemade or junk food that matters is taste and our food cravings. In this quarantine, most of them were taking training of chefs and I was one of them.

What I notice is some appliances are important to make the dish which is not available at home. So I have made the list of kitchen appliances that I am going to purchase on Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020.  I am ready to shop kitchen appliances because I am a chef now and I am sure you are too got trained as a chef during this quarantine so don’t lose your skills, keep polishing it and to make your kitchen work more ease buy kitchen products.

Not only kitchen products but the whole home products are important to purchases, home decoration during festivals seems difficult nut there is the home product available on Amazon like clock, wall stickers, flower pots, ditties, and many more things available on amazon.

Offers are more than 200 brands and there are coupons to save your money. No cost EMI is starting from 3000 Rupees.

Products are available in budgets for Diwali just check it out, if you like it buy it.

Season biggest Savings with Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 OfferDiscount
Mobile and AccessoriesStarting Rs.99
Electronics and AccessoriesUp to 70% off
Home and Kitchen ProductsUp to 80% off
Tv and ApplianceUp to 65% off
Daily Essential20% to 70% off
Amazon fashionUp to 80% off
Amazon brands and moreUp to 70% off
Echo, Fire, and TV kindleUp to 50% off
Books, Toys, and gamingUp to 70% off

 Daily essential is available on Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020, yes there are daily products on which you can save your money. There is a grocery store available on amazon where you get everything related to grocery not only that you get Dairy products, noodles, and many more things we crave for and we need to cook food in the kitchen are available on amazon. Where you get more than 10,000 deals, more than 5000 top brands, Offers are starting for Rs999 and save more with coupons

There is not only a grocery store but also there are other things available like baby products, beauty products, washroom products, home cleaning products, and many things that are available on amazon.

Books lovers who don’t like online book reading or listening there are the books available for you too not only books but also there are other products available Toys for kids and gamers there are video games and its accessories are available on Amazon so don’t forget to visit Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020.  You can save more with coupons, there are combo offer available No of Cost EMI and you get email delivery in two hours

There are large appliances available on amazon which have extended warranty, No cost EMI, Exchange offers, Scheduled Delivery, and Installation.

There are amazon brand and more products are available on Amazon, Deals are available on more than 20,000 products, top-rated products are on amazon, If you use amazon pay than Extra Amazon Pay cashback you will get and more you will have coupons, the more you will save your money.

 Each and everything is available so feel free to shop on Amazon because it is a one-stop online platform where you can buy anything. They donate to the charity too so feel free to donate or shop more to help, amazon is safe in this situation so just order what you want because it is safe, and yes enjoy your festivals with Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020.


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