AMAZON CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR SALES: You should be hyped cause it really is a BIG DEAL!!!


Christmas- a word for celebration. We are dreaming of a white Christmas just like thrones we used to know where the treetops glisten and children listen, to hear sleigh bells in the snow.

Imagining those fairy tales and wonderful experiences we had in last few years making us really happy. We know Christmas means “Santa Claus” and he gives us such special gifts which we adore for the whole New Year.

But in this Christmas Santa is angry with everyone, as this world is not clean and green so, that we decided to do something contemporary for the upcoming Christmas and New Year. We are the new Amazon Santa of this year and we are coming for all of you. We are going to give you all an opportunity to create some special moments in this season by sharing gifts with each other. We would like to have you on board with us by being a part of it.  We are glad to share some amazing offers just for you to be a new you. Start the journey of new hopes with us by carrying the all new avatar and idea of this unique Santa.

                                                         Be a Santa for yourself and for others. Be the new Santa to every living entity to share each and every essence of this season. These offers are really great and satisfying so doesn’t wait, just go and grab through this virtual sphere. Every Year we used to buy gifts for us only so be the new trend setter by making others happy. Go through all the offers and coupon codes to get amused.


* Christmas Carnival ⚡️ Up to 40% OFF*

 Decorations, gifts & more

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Large numbers of products are available in a very friendly budget so that it can be a season of love, sharing, delightfulness and most of all a season for all. There will be no discrimination in this new aspect if everyone will create a new version of them to make a happy and healthy society. Gifts are always a wonderful gesture to make new friends and new family. Gift cards are also available so that you can send it those who are miles away from you. You can send or share love with anyone anywhere in this world through our one and only Amazon shopping App (The New Santa).

 People are becoming busy day by day in this kind of time and generation so approaching people by visiting them is not always possible that’s why we are here to help you. The New Santa will bring cheerfulness in everyone’s life. Every product belongs to each of you so just scroll around by installing the App and choose from the numerous products. Different categories are there in the category section and each category has some cool offers.

 You can get everything in just a click, look for the things you like the most or for the people you love so that you can give them a Christmas surprise as their Santa. New Year is the beginning so start fresh with a new mindset. Everyone deserves to get new things in this prosperous season. People, pets, your own house, your lovable room, friends, family, spouse, best friends, relatives and most of all you are the reason for this new venture. We are passing this new trend to you. Go for this path, make someone joyful. We are with you at the starting point so join us and spread this. There are many people out there who don’t have the basic things.

Do something for them by purchasing small gifts. Small gifts are reasonable and also of good quality, you can grab those and share some pure love with them. Quality and price are the only thing we are keeping in mind to spread a message through you people. If every one of us will take a baby like step then we are sure that there will be a world full of happiness. Time has come to modernize all thoughts. New Santa will offer you new deals, new knowledge, new wisdom for people who want their New Year to be marvelous.     

Amazon Season offer-                                

Season of gifts are  arriving soon. Grab your bag and be ready to play a new role in this booming season. Every season is unique but here comes the ultimate season of being happy, merry and joyful for this all in one Amazon shopping App.

New Year and Christmas are the way through season for new dreams, resolutions and ambitions so try out something quirky from all of these especial offers. We will wait for you to join us. Winter is here and tightens your seatbelts to watch our trendy products. We are for everyone, just be you and buy these products to make everyone smile. This is the easiest way to reach and connect people who matters to you.

 Just think of those unlucky ones for a second and try to spend a few bucks to form a new world where love is different. Go and check the App fast, all products are eagerly waiting for you only. This time products are way more different and have an all new look. We are doing everything to give you guys an astonishing moment after seeing all those products for the first time. Be the new you and present yourself in front others like a new wave so that it can get pass on through you to everyone.  

You can be like ho ho ho Christmas is here so Santa is. Warmth will be spread through you to all. So, guys be there and catch up with us on the Christmas and New Year offers. Till then wait for us and don’t go anywhere, we are just a click away. We want to wish you all a merry and prosperous Christmas and New Year. Let yourself be happy and others. Santa is coming to help you become this generation’s Santa for those wonderful and loveliest people out there. Have a wonderful journey with us and spread the message of love.  

Epic events have occurred in the planet’s history, from time immemorial, be it the discovery of fire or the invention of the computer.Likewise, Amazon the planet’s largest e-commerce store whose online retail business is still consistently growing,is going to be a catalyst of such of a thing. Looking back at the company’s humble beginnings as an online bookstore in the mid-90s, who might have reafforestation would turn out to be the biggest online business in the world?

Amazon is an American enterprise established in 1994 and launched its services in the Indian market in 2013. Having nearly two decades of experience of operating abroad, the lessons it learned as a company havecome very helpful towards helping it emergeon top of its competition, mainly local e-commerce players like Flipkart and Paytm. There is greatmotivation to shop on Amazon if you are searching for enticing offers and fabulousdeals to excite you so much that you will dance a jig and jump for joy.

Why Amazon?

  • When you realize you couldn’t have acquired the “best quality” item anyplace else at such the “lowest price offer.”
  • When you are completely assured of the genuineness of the item since it is Amazon and you realize it will be a worry- free shopping experience.
  • When you realize you can pick “Pay on delivery- Cash or card” for your owncomfort and to be 100% certain of availing an authentic item.
  • When purchasing things online simplytakes afewclicks and ‘voila’! Your product is on its way.
  • The virtual shopping cart design is the same as eBay’s iconic one.
  • Becauseavailing discountsis very simple and you can easily buy a quality item at an affordable price.

Amazon offers that “instant,” “sure” and “obvious” and answer for your online needs in the most secure conceivable method. It offers interesting names, for example, “Lightning Deals,” “Deal of the Day”and so on which have turned into an important factor for items falling under various product categories,including Books,Electronics, Home and Kitchen, Beauty and so forth. Standing consistent with its name “Lightning,”there are those blazing hot deals which are valid only until their stocks last. Among the numerous offers, lightning deals disappear in a blink, much like its namesake.In this way, so as increase your chances of snatching the best deal on your most loved item, add them to your cart alongside subscribing to Amazon’s news letters and notifications for similar products.

Looks which steal your heart-

Your style is unique and special,and it describes your identity and your tastes. Asartorial style is something whose significance has increased to a noticeable extent in the present age. How you dress speaks volumes about your confidence and how you carry yourself gives clues to your personality. So, to reinvent your fashion identity and to create a “polished” look for special occasions, there can’t in any way be a more significant name than Amazon, which has ethnic outfits, tees, trousers and so on to make yourself feel glamorous and cool.

By what means can your little ones handle feeling left out, with such a large number of pretty dresses on display, which make you stop and stare at the screen?For the girls, there are adorable and beautiful frocks with ribbons, frills and floral prints all crafted with care to make them feel like “little princesses.” For the budding young men, you can’t miss out on the wide choice specifically khakis, kid’s dress shirts, fun graphic tees and jeans to give them enough space to feel like a “king.”

Peaceful beauty sleep is the most sought-after thing at the end of a long and tiring day. Amazon with its delicate texture pajamas and innerwear take the comfort factor to the next dimension. At the point when there is a mention of children’s and men’s garments, how can the ladiesbe forgotten? Amazon has the largest evercollection of women’s wearincluding both ethnic dresses-kurtas, lehenga cholis, saree shirts, sarees, salwar suit sets and moreand western wear, for example, pants, capris, pants, jumpsuits and many more.

To take your close relationship with Amazon to greater heights, you can narrow your search for clothing and accessories under various filters such as price,size,material, brand and more. These are the choicest of dresses whichwillwin appreciation from everyone around you.

EMI options-

Have you at any point asked yourself, as to what makes a top brand differentiated from the rest?Indeed, among the range of high quality and latest products, it has easy EMI offers to help you purchase products easily. There are many banks which Amazon offers for you to facilitate a hassle-free experience. You can get a quote of the amount and rate for your particular EMI choice with your preferred bank. Banks, for example, HDFC, Axis, ICICI,SBI, Standard Chartered, Citibank, Yes Bank and so on will offer prompt and customer-friendly services with regards to EMI options.

Amazon Offers- You realize you are at the correct retail website when your friends and people around you support purchasing from the biggest online store in the world, in other words, Amazon. With regards to Amazon, at that point, you can anticipate “Deals” and a great amount of them. There are no disappointments in store only some “cool”and genuineoffers which are just ideal for you.

Amazon is the one-stop answer for buying allyour groceries and daily necessaries -Not just books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, accessories, mobile phones, kitchen appliances,and so forth.

Device Donation Programme–

Amazon surprised the world by organizing a gadget donation program. It conducted it primarily in the United States and some other countries around the world. It aims to spread the joy of reading among children. The company donated thousands of Kindle tablets and fire tablets to students. Also, they gave gift cards to schools. Because, Amazon always encourages people especially the youth to inculcate reading as a hobby, as books are the key to knowledge.

The“Judge Before Buying” shoppers-

Amazon’s launch in India completely changed the definition of the online business. Not only you can you now buy various items through this website, but also, you can compare the product’s price with the other e-commerce websites before purchasing.

Amazon Coupons –

There are various discount offers available for numerous occasions and festivals. So, whenever you want to gift someone something, you don’t need to go to a physical shop. Just check on the internet, ifit suits your budget then order it. There are two types of payment options available -Cash on delivery and pay through online. There are absolutely no hidden charges for shipping. You can pick promo code offers for several products.

A notch ahead of the competition (iPhoneX pun intended)-

Because Amazon has amazing discount offers which are more useful to the people of India. People only need to keep checking the discount offers regularly. So that whenever they order a product, the order will be placed immediately and the item will reach them on time and at a distinctly lower cost than the market price. Just like the Amazon rainforest, Amazon website has also made a unique and widely recognized identity to the world.

Payment method offers-

The Offers are categorized as bank offers,and wallet offerson mobile walletssuch as “PayUMoney.”

Building brand value-

Amazon has quickly, since its debut in India, become the most sought-after e-commerce retailer for one and all. The name, which is inspired by the largest river in the world, has indeed createdhistory. has built a name for itself in the hearts of an ever-increasing number of Indians with each passing day.


There are indeed many upcoming offers on mobiles and electronics on Amazon India and they will allow to you enjoy up to 50 percent discount on all products in the category. Furthermore, at the Sales @ Amazon India, you can expect attractive discounts of up to 30-50 percent (or even more!) on mobiles phones, books, clothes, andvarious other products.

What more? Don’t forget to note that at the time of these Sales, there are numerousspecial cash back offers in store for credit and debit card holders of major banks. These exciting offers will give buyers up to 15% extra cash back on already discounted items. No wonderit’s a sensible idea to keep a tab on the various Amazon Sales that are coming up in the near future.

Presenting the List of Upcoming Sales, Offers & Deals on Amazon for 2018!

Do you have a list of items that you wish to purchase by this year-end? Then, have a glimpseof the Amazon Upcoming Sale dates and expected Offers in 2018 and make your online shopping plans.

Here is the calendar to mark future Amazon Sales in 2018-end and early 2019.Mark the date and PREPARE TO STEAL SOME KILLER DEALS!!!

Upcoming Sale   Expected DateOffers
Fashion Wardrobe Refresh Sale19th to 23rd December 2018Up to 80% discount on Fashion products + 15% extra via Citibank cards.
Amazon Year End SaleComing after 20 December 2018Fashion and electronics products are available at a much-discounted price
Amazon Christmas Sale23rd to 25th December 2018Electronic products are available sitewide at a discount of 80%
Amazon Super Value Day1st to 7th January 2019Up to 50% discount on daily essentials
Amazon Great Indian Sale21st to 24th January 2019All the products are available at great offers + Extra cashback of 10%
Amazon Republic Day Sale25th to 26th January 2019Mind-blowing offers on over 10 lakh products

Enjoy shopping at the upcoming sales at Amazon India!



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