Adidas Adiray M running shoes Reviews – Best Reviews 2021

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review- Highlighting its salient features!

Adidas adiray M is a running shoes for men. The mesh synthetic leather upper is designed to make the lace-ups light in weight and gives the required comfort and support to your feet.

They have rubber outsoles, which are specifically designed to give a firm grip while walking, jogging, or running. They have a long life, that is they are quite durable, the rubber soles don’t wear or tear easily. All in all, it is designed to improve speed and stability.

The soles are abrasion and slip-resistant. Apart from these salient features, another point that has to be noted is the color combination of the shoes. Adidas has yet again given us this impressive outlook of its product.

The black mesh on the top paired with neon green laces provides quite a cool and casually different look. The rubber soles are white in color which is in contrast to black but blends in well. This is also available in white and red colors where white color covers most of the body and the laces are red in color.

This contrast gives the shoe an even charming and enhancing look. Similarly, dark blue colored mesh paired with white laces are also available. This deadly color combination and noticeable features give the shoe, an attitude of its own. I can quite confidently say, Adidas has outdone itself yet again with this flamboyant Adidas Adiray M running shoes for men.

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review- Availability across different online shopping portals 

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review
Image – Adidas Adiray M running shoes

Adidas Adiray M running shoes are available on almost all large online platforms. Many platforms offer discounts on purchases. The original price is nearly Rs.3000. This Adidas Adiray M has currently run out of stock in many online shopping sites owing to its high demand.

In Flipkart, there are over 1000 revies about this product and the buyers have claimed the Adidas Adiray M to be worth spending money on. On Amazon, there are nearly 250 customer reviews and yet again the customers are happy with their purchase.

The noticeable fact is that this shoe has been sold out on all online shopping sites including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Snapdeal. The high demand for Adidas Adiray M can be owed to a lot of factors, which include, their durability, lightweight, exuberant colors, and the discounts provided by the online shopping sites.

Looking into its features into a little more detail-

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review- outlook, yay or nay?

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review
Image – Adidas Adiray M running shoes

What is the first thing that we look for while purchasing something? We look at the outlook. Anything that looks physically attractive catches our attention. That is when we decide to look at the product in detail and gather more information. I can quite confidently say that Adidas Adiray M has looks that are quite appealing and is available in different color combinations.

The mesh gives a classy and rich outlook. The rubber soles that are colored contrast with the body of the shoe is an additional plus point that compels the customers to add the product to their wish list. Not just this, the neon green laces and stripes in one of the varieties radiates cool vibes.

One of the varieties has a dark blue body with white laces, this gives a classic but an authentic look. Another variety has a white body with prominent red stripes. This can be compared to the looks of a sneaker. The red lace adds a totally flamboyant look to the shoe. Some of the reviews suggest that the customers were happy with their purchase.

They find the colors to be classy and exuberant. However, a few of them feel that the color shown in the images on the online shopping websites didn’t match the ones that were delivered to them. The shoe delivered to them seemed to be duller than the version that they found online. But overall, many buyers were happy customers, satisfied with their purchase.

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review- does it give the required comfort while running?

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review
Image – Adidas Adiray M running shoes

What’s the next this that you look for in a product after you are satisfied with the outlook? Well, if you look at the comfort factor offered by the product, then it means we are on the same page.

The comfort factor is something that everyone looks at especially while buying a product like a shoe since we are going to use it frequently, maybe even on a daily basis. Adidas Adiray M has proved to be comfortable for many customers. The soles provide a firm grip while walking, jogging, or running and gives the required balance.

The inside of the shoe is lined with soft material that ensures that our foot is in a soft environment. Most of the customers are satisfied and content with their purchase. However, it is advisable to buy one size larger than your actual size because many people had trouble when they got their exact size.

The exact size proved to be a bit smaller than their usual size. These sets of people who found their shoes to be small had a complaint regarding comfort. Obviously, getting a smaller size will affect the comfort of your feet. In that case, it is advisable to return and exchange it for a pair that is of the next size. 

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review- is the quality up to the mark?

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review
Image – Adidas Adiray M running shoes

We can tick off outlook and comfort from the list of things that we look for while buying a product. Then what next? Of course, quality comes next. While making a purchase never compromises on the quality. Does Adidas Adiray M provide the quality for the price?

To answer that I have compiled a list of reviews from various online shopping sites, that were given by a set of people who bought the shoe. Many people find the synthetic of the lace and mesh to be of standard quality.

There was a customer who claimed that his shoe is still in a good condition even after two years of use. Some people have appreciated the quality of the fabric and think that the meshing is excellent.

However, there are a set of people who feel that the quality is not up to the standard of Adidas and the quality could have been even better. There is a person who claims that the shoe lost its shine after the first wash.

To answer that, Adidas Adiray M is not completely waterproof but it can definitely be cleaned using a wet cloth. Washing the shoe can ruin the fabric and reduce its shine. There are mixed reviews regarding the quality of Adidas Adiray M. What I can say is, there is definitely room for improvement. 

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review- can we tick off the lightweight factor from the list of essential factors to keep in mind while purchasing a shoe?

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review
Image – Adidas Adiray M running shoes

Now, we have looked at the basic things that we check before buying any product but there are some specific things that we look for while purchasing a shoe for running. Apart from style, comfort, and quality we also look if the shoe is of lightweight.

If the shoe is heavy, then it won’t serve the purpose of running. If the shoe isn’t light then it can maybe slow our pace and therefore, we have to expend more energy to maintain the speed. No one wants that right! Adidas Adiray M is just 740 grams.

This lightweight enables the person wearing it to run with great speed. In fact, this lightweight is one of the main reasons for its large demand for online shopping sites. Many buyers have validated the fact that Adidas Adiray M is indeed very light and is a good choice for running.

Almost all the customer reviews across many online shopping platforms claim that the shoe is lightweight and an excellent choice for running. This is one of the best-selling points for any shoe and this particular shoe can be rated highly for capturing this much-needed essence.

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review-  does it provide enough grip while running?

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review
Image – Adidas Adiray M running shoes

Apart from the lightweight factor that we look for before buying a shoe, we also look at another specific thing, which is the grip provided by the shoe. The grip is essential because it helps in holding your feet to the ground while running.

Suppose you are running at a high speed and you have to stop suddenly or have to turn immediately, having a loose grip can cause you to fall and get hurt. This is the reason why a good grip is mandatory for running shoes. Adidas Adiray M which is specifically designed for running consists of rubber soles.

These rubber soles increase friction between the bottom of the shoe and the ground and therefore provides balance. Several reviews across many online shopping platforms are from happy customers who are satisfied with the grip provided by Adidas Adiray M.

There was also a review from a certified customer who claimed that his Adidas Adiray M is in a good condition even after two years of use. There is a negligible amount of negative reviews that say the soles are not up to the mark but these kinds of reviews are only one out of ten.  

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review- how about its durability?

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review
Image – Adidas Adiray M running shoes

Another important factor is the durability of the product. Everyone wants to buy a product that has a long life right?! Adidas Adiray M running shoes have a long life as claimed by several happy customers who have given reviews across many online shopping sites. There are also a few customers who aren’t happy with their purchase.

Handling the product with great care is also essential after making the purchase. After using the shoe for the long run, make sure you allow it to air and de-ozonize it. This will prevent any bad odor or growth of bacteria and fungus. Using shoe bags can prevent any stains or mildew.

Clean the shoe using a dry or a wet cloth and don’t use any polish or shiner as it will ruin the mesh. Washing the shoe with water will also damage the mesh and cause the inner cushioning to become moist. So, it is better to stick to cleaning the shoe with a dry cloth. Maintaining the shoe properly will help it last longer.

Adidas Adiray M running  shoes review- does the outlook, quality, comfort, grip, and durability give the same appeal to the customer after delivery?

Adidas Adiray M running shoes review
Image – Adidas Adiray M running shoes

While purchasing any product online, one apprehension faced by many people is, whether the product shown in the picture will be the same as the original version of it. Many people tend to be appealed to the picture shown on the online shopping sites and expect the product to be the same as the one they saw.

Some people tend to be satisfied whereas a few of them find the product delivered to them less appealing and they return their purchase. This is the reason many people prefer to purchase offline so that they can be sure of the looks and features of the product they are going to buy.

In this case, many people who purchased Adidas Adiray M found the product to be as appealing as the pictures that they saw in online shopping portals that prompted them to purchase it. They were satisfied with the color, quality, comfort, and durability.

However, a set of people found that the size of the shoe that was delivered to them to be smaller and it didn’t fit them perfectly. There are several comments or reviews as it is generally called, urging the customers to get a pair of the next size. Getting a size larger than your original size will probably fit you perfectly.

A few of the customers didn’t shy away from expressing their dissatisfaction over the color of the shoe. They claim that the color of the shoe that was delivered to them was lighter than the one displayed on the website and thereby they quoted the luster and shine was missing from the original version of the shoe. Again, there are mixed reviews on this where some customers are completely satisfied and a few of them had high expectations and in the end we’re disappointed.

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