12 Best earphones under 1500 in India

Best earphones under 1500 in India

Looking up for the best earphones under 1500 in India because you can’t compromise your ears but your wallet is a bit lighter this month? Then you have come to the right place to choose your ear-fit amongst the best of the lot.

Earphones are non-negotiable. A deal-breaker. No way you can compromise on these things. With a life where you are always on the run, holding your phone cupped near your ears every time your boss or colleague calls is frankly, tiring.

And not just for work, even while you are just chilling at your house by listening to your bookmarked songs, podcasts, audio-books, or even a turtle eating leaf ASMR (no judgments), you would like to do that while you are most comfortable. And no way is that when you have a phone pressed to your ears.

While the usefulness of earphones is a never-ending list, unfortunately for you, the list of best earphones under 1500 in India is not so much the case. Hence, here are curated lists of the earphones that you deserve all neatly packaged for you.          

Best earphones under 1500 in India – top 6 wireless sets

Wireless earphones are the next ‘it’ thing, especially with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple adding on to the already growing business.
And the reason for its growing popularity is really no secret. As the centuries have progressed, mobility has increased, for every object under the sun.

From gramophones to radios, to mobiles, and the evolution continues. The most common complaint about wires is that they get so easily tangles, that sometimes unraveling them becomes a huge hassle, and the next thing you know, you don’t really want to listen to that Rihanna song anymore.

It is not just songs though. Popping in a wireless earphone in your ears makes your life way simpler. You do not have to take your phone with you everywhere; you can be taking your important meeting calls from anywhere in the house while the phone is charging about some meters away from you.

So, I present to you the much-awaited Best earphones under 1500 in India – top 6 wireless sets

Best earphones under 1500 in India – boAt ROCKERZ 255 SPORTS WIRELESS HEADSET

Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

With IPX5 water and sweat resistant technology, a handy voice assistant at your command along with integrated controls for your easy use, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to listen to their favorite playlist on this.

It has a Qualcomm CSR8635 chipset, the latest 4.1 Bluetooth version for better connectivity, and a whopping six hours of playtime. And not mentioning the amazing noise cancellation system accompanied by the deep-rooted bass is guaranteed to give you one of the best music experiences of your life.

Although this is one of the costlier items on our list, all of this at the price of just Rs. 1,499 is undoubted a deal that is grabbing worthy.

Best earphones under 1500 in India – pTron BASSBUDS LITE V2 WIRELESS EARPHONES(TWS) WITH MIC

Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

This earphone pair belongs to the class of the newest wireless technology and chipset. With the installed Bluetooth version 5.0, this lightweight design set with a 10mm active speaker unit is also accompanied by bin-aural earbuds – which basically means you can decide to use either the single or dual speaker as separate parts simultaneously.

So, plug up your ears and go worry-free because this bad baby has a 10m wireless range and a 6-hour battery back-up. As the name itself suggests, the bass is going to rock your mind and put the noise cancellation on top, you get the best of both worlds.

Available at the price of just Rs. 999, scoop this pair up as soon as you can. 


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

Manufactured by the company Exotic Mile, this one comes with CSR8635 chipset for your yearning of those 3D acoustics, also providing stark connectivity. The extra features on this set are truly ear boggling.

The Micro-woofers drivers present you with deep bass and a stable and clear sound passage; The inbuilt Off-axis magnetic technology makes sure that your favorite music track to hit exactly that right spot of your ear; and the aerospace-grade AL drivers provide the much-required Noise isolation for your peaceful and lyrical experience.

The durable flexible band makes sure that your earphones don’t fall off as well as the 10m Bluetooth range guarantees that you might even flex a few moves while this pair is on you.

Coming at the price range of Rs. 1299, get your ears ready for this marvellous wonder of neodynamic technology.


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

With IPX4 sweat and splash resistant gear, this set manufactured by the company Mivi is everything that your ears had been desiring all along. The latest 5.0 Bluetooth version for greater a linking relationship between your device and your earphones.

Comes with a hooting ten hours of playtime and a wireless distance of a maximum of 30 feet and the ability of dual pairing which basically permits you to connect to two separate devices at the exact same time and you can also choose between them. The ingrained CVC 6.0 passive noise cancellation equipment makes all the unnecessary sounds disappear, leaving you to enjoy your music in seeming solitude.

Get this highly advanced, stylish, and lightweight pair of earphones at just Rs.1399 and flaunt them off.


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

Along with the usual sweat and splash-proof apparatus, this thunder baby has surrounded itself with a hands-free calling gear with the help of an in-built mic as well as a three-button remote to handle it.

This pair of earphones have the 5.0 Bluetooth version that allows it for a maximum range of 30 feet and an overall 7 hours of battery life. You will also be getting bin-aural earbuds for the ability of dual pairing and connection to two devices at once, making it possible for your hip-hop crazy friend and your pop-loving self to spend quality time together.

The Mivi manufactured earphone with a metallic polished exterior build is a little on the expensive side, understandably. Closing in at the price of Rs. 1,199, you will not be disappointed with your shopping choice.


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

Samsung Company has once again proved itself in the electronics department with this IPX3 sweat and water splash-proof technology. Magnetic earbuds instilled with 10mm high-quality drivers in them make sure to let you enjoy the musical evening and the intrinsic high noise cancellation quality makes that experience even more enjoyable by allowing you to shun away unnecessary and disturbing noises.

The flexible neckband takes care that the earphones stay where they are and are also easily adjustable on the neck, taking precious measures not to put extra pressure or stress on your muscles. Hands-free operation style for using the microphone and controlling the ongoing tracks, mixed with the 6 hours of playback time is what is going an assurance that you have really struck gold.

Clinch the deal at just Rs. 869 and have a musically wonderful time with these.

Best earphones under 1500 in India – top 6 wired sets

If there is one thing that we do not usually like to change, it is habits.
Yes, you did hear me right, the answer is habits. And this is consistent over all age groups and genders. Especially, for the people who have for so long been used and habituated with wired earphones, it does become difficult to suddenly change your equipment along the way.

And while the wired earphones are simple mechanical devices over their sophisticated electronic wireless relatives, this simplicity does have its own benefits. Wires stay attached to the earplugs and that is why you do not need to turn over your bed to search for them. Moreover, there is no bother of charging your earphones every time you decide to have a music fest. As if reminding yourself to keep your phone charged isn’t enough already. Also, they are budget friendlier.

That being out of the way, I present to you Best earphones under 1500 in India – top 6 wired sets.


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

Harman Industries never fails to amaze us with their product quality at a very affordable price. These JBL endurance run earphones are one of their flagship product under the 1500 range. Along with its sleek and stylish design, the IPX5 technology makes it water-resistant increasing its durability.

The flexible TWO-WAY DESIGN allows you to access this in both in-ear or behind the ear. It is well equipped with TwistLock and flexSoft technologies. It also gives quick launch access to google assistants as well as Siri. The magnetic earbuds and the tangle-free wire makes it even more manageable.

All of this comes to you at just Rs.1,299. So, take up this amazing deal before the stocks are out.


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

Well-equipped with 12.5mm audio drivers and a lightweight, stylish system JBL ensures that you get the best audio experience anywhere you like. The metallic earbuds and innovative design makes sure that you get the maximum comfort and eliminates all the unusual noises around you. It also comes with a one-button universal remote that can be used to manage your playlist as well as manage your calls.

Clinch this deal at just Rs.948 and have a wonderful musical evening.


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

These Mi earphones are equipped with aluminum alloy sound chambers with 10mm vibrating drivers and 3rd generation damping system providing a powerful bass, minimize distortion, vivid stereo effects, as well as balanced sound quality to the user.

It has in-built protection of scratch-resistant and anti-slip design. It also has a 3.5mm jack bent at 45 degrees with a 1.25m long tangle-free cable making it durable as well as manageable. This is compatible with all ios, android, and Xiaomi devices. An easy one-button system that’s lets you manage track and take calls with maximum ease.

all comes only at a price of Rs.397. Get yours now.


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

Manufactured by the company Sennheiser, this lightweight and durably designed pair of earphones should not be overlooked. Having finger contoured earbuds for making your experience more adjustable and comfortable, this has the benefits of premium noise cancellation gear as well as a strong bass-driven stable audio.

With a 1.2m stretchy cable and a jack about the size 3.5mm, this is an optimum device for plugging into your mp3, iPod, iPhones, androids, and mobile gaming systems.

By a price of just Rs. 699, this one is a catch.


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

PHILIPS BASS+ SHE4305 EARPHONES is one the best earphone under 1500 in India for its amazing performance and built quality. It has a very attractive and lightweight design and is very comfortable for heavy usage making it the best choice for someone who loves fashion as well as music.

The oval-shaped angled earbuds enhance your audio experience by passive noise cancellation and complete sound isolation. It has a single button remote to control our playlist and manage our calls and a tangle-free cable for easy management. Most importantly, it has a 12.2mm speaker driver offering you the ultimate sound quality at this affordable range.

So, get your pair at just Rs.699 and enjoy premium audio experience.


Best earphones under 1500 in India
Image – Best earphones under 1500 in India

Starting with the problem that most wired earphone users are worried about most of the time, this Skullcandy set has a tangle free cable and also accompanies with itself a durable 3.5mm jack. Sleek, Light in weight, stylishly designed, and guaranteed to give you a smooth and enriching experience, this is one candy you should definitely buy.

Some of the other notable feature mentions are a premium quality audio driver which is going to provide you with a mesmeric sound quality along with powerful bass and a Noise isolation promise.

Grab the deal at just Rs. 899 and fulfill your ears’ desire.


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