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Types of web servers are available on the internet. Web hosting is one of the most important task if you are creating or planning to create a website. Here let’s discuss web hosting in the Hyderabad region. Rify is a popular web hosting provider in Hyderabad region. They are really popular in the Hyderabad region.

This web hosting provider in Hyderabad has a number of specialties. They claim to have high-speed servers, highly responsive support center, FTP accounts, many subdomains, etc. These are only some of the specialties of this web hosting provider in the Hyderabad region. They provide Linux hosting services along with 4 Linux web hosting plans.

They provide a lot of features to the web sites hosted by them. They guarantee that no malware attacks will occur and it is really safe to deal with them. They also provide a wide variety of features like auto-responding, reducing spams, password-protected databases, add on domains, statistics about the web site, etc.


Types of web servers are available which is really easy to choose. You can easily create a website of your own by purchasing a domain and creating content. Then you have to host your website to the world wide web in order to be accessible by the public. There are several web hosting providers in India that provide their services and help people to host their website.

Here let’s discuss the top web hosting provider in Mumbai. Infosky Solutions is one of the most popular web hosting providers in Mumbai. This posting provider in Mumbai has served a lot of users and have to receive positive feedback from them. They claim to have the best customer support system and features also.

They guarantee no malware attacks or such attacks to your web site. They also charge in nominal cost for hosting a website. They have a number of posting methods like Linux hosting, Windows Hosting, special hosting, etc. People can choose which type of hosting they prefer and there will be customer support from their side also.


Types of web servers are several and people can find different types of web servers in the digital market. First of all, let’s have a word about the term web hosting. What is the meaning of web hosting? Let me explain the term web hosting in a simple way. Consider you want to create a website that should be accessible for every people. In order to be accessible by the public, you should host your website on the world wide web. It is the place where we find websites right.

Therefore you should host your personal or business website on the world wide web. After you host your website, it will be accessible by every people. This is the simpler explanation for web hosting without technical terms. At present, there are a number of Web hosting providers available worldwide. Here let us discuss the web hosting providers in one of the popular places Delhi. There are several papers and provide us in Delhi which has different features and pricing also.

Delhi web hosting is one of the most popular as well as a leading web hosting provider in Delhi and has a lot of satisfied customers also. This web hosting provider is really popular due to their customer service and their attitude towards inquiries. This is the perfect place where you can purchase or change your domain or simply host your website easily. They even assure a 45 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. They also assure no malware attacks. The number of domains supported, storage space, emails, etc depends on the pack which you choose.


Types of web servers are one of the most discussed topics on the internet. First of all, do you know what a web server is? Are you tired of the cliche textbook definition of the web server on the internet? Here let me explain to you in a simple way. There are several websites on the internet right. You start using any website and click on the options available in it.

When you click any option or if you search for anything on any website then you can see that within a couple of seconds you’ll be taken to another web page showing the result. See here you clicked on an option which was available on a webpage and after you click that option you were redirected to another webpage where you can see the result of your search. You know why or what helps you to find your result? It is because of a web server used by that website.

A web server is mostly software which helps the clients or incoming request by the user for accessing any other webpage to reach the correct destination. Haven’t you wondered where all this information was stored on the internet? Let me clarify that the main job of WebServer is to store information. A web server stores and information and provides that information requested by you. All these processes happen with a fraction of the second. So I think you got an idea about webserver right! Okay now consider that there is no WebServer for a website, what may happen?

Without a web server, a website is nothing but just a URL. There is nobody to process your request and provide the correct information for you. There is nobody who will store the information which should be provided to clients. And what more, then what is the use of a website then. So the server is a category that has wide varieties among which web server is one type. There are several types of Web servers also. Here let us discuss some of the most popular types of Web servers. Web hosting Delhi, web hosting Bangalore, etc are also explaining at the end.


Types of web servers are one of the most interesting topics circulating on the internet. So I think you have got an idea about what a web server is. Now it is time to discuss the types of web servers. Ngnix Web server is a type of website which is available for the users.

This webserver was actually made in the year 2004 by Igor Sysoev. This is basically a web server that can be used in other areas too. Load balancer, reverse proxy, Http cache, etc are the areas in which this web server is used. The programming language which was used to write this famous web server was C. This is a free and open-source software used by many famous websites.

There is a tight competition between this web server and Apache webserver. Ngnix web server is used by many famous websites like Wikipedia in which they serve any important area. Now comes the comparison of the Ngnix web server to an apache web server. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both the Web server. Let’s start with the advantage of the Ngnix web server.

It is believed that the Nginx web server can handle more connection request than Apache web server, to be more precise it is believed that Ngnix web server can handle four times connection requests then Apache web server could. And Apache web server uses more memory than the Ngnix web server. Now coming to the disadvantage, the Ngnix web server is said to have less compatibility to windows operating system and Linux operating system when compared to Apache webserver.


Types of web servers are one of the most discussed topics among Indian youngsters. Are you planning to start your own domain or any initiative online? It is always better to have basic knowledge on how to handle your domain, how to handle and create traffic, how all these things work, etc. Let’s consider that you have created or owned your domain. Next, you have completed your website and a person is using any service provided by you. Then they will be redirected to another webpage with the help of a web server.

You may have a lot of things to be saved for providing it to people who request. A web server is a place where you can save all your data. Let’s discuss the types of web servers. Apache web servers are one of the most commonly used web servers in this world. Apache Web servers were initially found during the year 1995 by Robert McCool. At present, this web server serves more than a hundred million websites.

This web server is a cross-platform website, that is this web server can be used on both Linux as well as Windows operating system platforms. It is really famous due to its compatibility on both platforms. An updated version Apache https 2.4.43 was released recently on April 1, 2020, to the people. Currently, Apache is believed to be the top server used by many famous websites. To talk about the technical side, this server is capable of dealing with top programming languages like Python, Tcl, Perl, PHP, etc. This is the first prioritized web server used by most of the websites.


Types of web servers are one of the most requested information on the internet. There are several types of servers available and Web Server is one particular type of server having specific usage. Now let’s discuss the type of web server named I I S web server. II S web server is also known as Internet Information Service.

This famous web server was actually launched about 25 years ago, that is in the year 1995. The developer of this really famous web server is Microsoft. Microsoft has produced much software that is of high quality. Therefore there is no doubt about the quality provided by Microsoft in this web server also. Let’s get into the technical specifications of this web server.

This web server developed by Microsoft was written in the programming language C++. This most popular web server is compatible with any platform which has a Windows operating system. One of the main differences between IIS from other web servers is this is not open-source software. Since this is not an open-source software it is really difficult to modify also. Microsoft developed its own web server since it has undergone uncontrollable traffic. IIS web server has several features like supporting many authentication mechanisms, can add or remove extensions, good security provisions, etc.


Types of web servers have a huge demand on the internet. There are several servers which help us to have a better experience on the internet as well as a really important part of internet services also. The web server helps to provide information that you seek on any website. Consider you were searching for any particular matter on a website.

Within a fraction of second, you will be redirected to the page where the result will be shown. Do you know who is behind it ? It is the webserver that processes your request and shows the results to you. Therefore web server has a huge importance on the internet. Let’s talk about a type of web server namely lite speed web server.

This web server is really different from the other top web servers as this is a closed source software. But at present, there is an availability of open source versions of this web server. This web server has almost every feature of the Apache Web Server as both use almost the same configuration format. George Wang is the original writer of this popular web server. This popular web server was initially released in the year 2003. He Saab server is written in both C and C++ programming languages. Lite speed web server is most commonly known as LSWS.
These are the top web servers that are currently available and most popular also. All web servers mentioned above have their own advantages and disadvantages when compared to other web servers available. When we take into consideration some of the most popular websites, then we can see that the above-mentioned web servers serve an important function in all these websites. Most of these web service has many other features also. It is better to take into consideration what type of server you want and choose the server after correct research.

All these web servers which are mentioned above are easy to use, have brilliant features, compatible with most of the operating systems, and secure also. It is also important to have a web server with the least bugs as, if a web server doesn’t work or respond, then that website is considered to be just dead. Now let's discuss some of the most popular web hosting providers in India.


Types of web servers are explained perfectly above. Now let’s discuss web hosting. Web hosting providers help you to host your website on the world wide web. That means web hosting providers helps your website to be accessible by people. Let’s discuss top web hosting providers in Bangalore. Bangalore web hosting is one of the most popular web hosting providers in the Bangalore region.

The term them sells as a low-cost web hosting provider in Bangalore. Till now they have served more than 35000 domains and have positive feedbacks from their users. This web hosting provider guarantees Fastest resolution time of fewer than four hours. One of the specialties of this web hosting provider is that they have dual Xeon Hexa Core Server.

They have several plans named after planets. People can easily create a website using this web hosting provider or if you own a domain then you can transfer your files and scripts free of cost. There will be 24 x 7 support provided by Bangalore web hosting.


Types of web servers are of different kinds and people can easily distinguish each one also. There are many individuals or organizations that would create web sites in order to create profits or for marketing purposes. The most important task to complete is to create a domain and host it to the World Wide Web. The domain is the URL address you wish to have and hosting means providing your website to the whole internet users.

At present, there are a lot of web hosting providers in the world who help you to host your website. Here let’s discuss the top web hosting provider in the Chennai region. Chennai host is one of the leading web hosting providers in the Chennai region. This website is really simple as well as easy to use also.

They provide 4 basic plans for hosting a website namely small, silver, gold, and gold plus. The cost of all these 4 plans is also low like ₹69/-, ₹99/-, ₹199/-, ₹399/- Per month respectively. All these plans provide unlimited emails, which means you can create unlimited emails through your website itself.

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