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Shopclues coupons, Promo Codes, and Offers:

Shopclues Coupons - category Shopclues Coupon code, Promo Code, and Offers
Shopclues Coupons - Shopclues is giving free shipping on orders which are worth more than Rs. 399 Shopclues Promo Code - NOSHIPPING
Shopclues Coupons - Some selected products are at a discount of 80% with an extra discount of Rs. 40 Shopclues Promo Code - PREPAID40.
Shopclues Coupons - An exciting offer on Selected products with a discount of Rs. 75 Shopclues Promo Code - B2G75
Shopclues Coupons - All the electronic appliances are at an 80% discount on Shopclues. Shopclues Promo Code - Not Required
Shopclues Coupons - Footwear available at Shopclues is at a discount of 60%. Shopclues Promo Code - Not Required

Shopclues coupons are one of the most used & beneficial coupons at the online shopping platform. It is a platform that provides shopping for almost every product that is available at a local supermarket. It is a  budget-friendly website, all the products are at a reasonable price to be afforded by everyone. Let’s read the following section to know more about Shopclues coupons, their services & products


Shopclues is a company that originated with the thinking of Sandeep Aggarwal, the founder of Shopclues. According to Shopclues, all the products which are available on their website are at a wholesale price hence is much lower than the same products which are available on another website. The price of the products are even lower than our neighborhood shops & being a wholesale seller, retailers also brought many products for their shop from here. 

The products which are available here are

Mobile & Tablets, Computer & laptops, TV & home theater, Electronic Appliances, Home décor & Kitchen appliances, Fashion related products like clothing, footwear, jewelry, Travel & luggage, Gourmet  & daily needs, sports, & many more. 

So use the given below Shopclues Coupons & enjoy shopping to its fullest. 

Shopclues Coupons are as follows: 

  1. Shopclues is giving free shipping on orders which are worth more than Rs. 399 using Shopclues coupons with code NOSHIPPING. 
  2. Some selected products are at a discount of 80% with an extra discount of Rs. 40 using Shopclues coupons with code PREPAID40. 
  3. An exciting offer on Selected products with a discount of Rs. 75 using Shopclues coupon code B2G75. 
  4. All the electronic appliances are at an 80% discount on Shopclues. 
  5. Selected health-related products are only at Rs.80. 
  6. Footwear available at Shopclues is at a discount of 60%.
  7. Mobiles & tablets are at an amazing discount of 60%.
  8. Sunglasses, as well as beautiful Sarees, are at a discount of 80%. 

Delivery / Shipping service: 

Shopclues is a company that delivers the ordered product at their customer's doorstep. The estimated delivery time at which the product will be delivered by Shopclues is within 5-7 days. The shipping will be free for all prepaid orders of the product which are worth Rs. 399. COD will be having a standard shipping charge which can be seen at the final cart value according to the product. 

If any product is delivered with a defect or in a damaged condition or is having some size issues then only return of the product can take place & afterward refund will be initiated. 

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Shopclues terms & conditions will be accepted by the customers the moment when they start accessing the website with submission of their names, or while buying any of the products available at the site. 
  • If any business agreement is being made with Shopclues, then users will have to bind their business according to this agreement while using the services of Shopclues. 
  • All the individuals registered here should be of a legal age to bind will all the points mentioned here. 
  • No guest user has the right to sell any sort of product available at the site with their own name. If found guilty punishment would be according to the Indian law.
  • All the confidentiality about your registered account as well as password will be maintained by the user itself. If they are sharing their account then no liability of loss of data will be taken by Shopclues company. 
  • If any customer is not paying for the service that they get while using Shopclues website, their membership will be suspended by the company & will be blacklisted for the future too. 

Privacy policy: 

  • Shopclues company have a strict policy regarding the privacy of their customers so that they can shop the latest fashionable products without any worry. All the registered data in here is encrypted and safe & are protected with a stringent encryption service. 
  • Personalized data that has been collected by Shopclues is the name, address, gender for preferences of products, age, Mobile number.
  • When customers pay a visit to the website,  the website has a system that can copy the URL  of the site to know more about the preferences of their users. Sometimes the cookies are of a type like session cookies which will be deleted automatically after a particular period of time.
  • Some information regarding the device like hardware & software data, battery level, available storage spaces, browser & app type, file names,  device signals, identifiers, are also collected. 
  • No personal information is shared with any third parties without the consent of their users. But they reveal some timely information like a number of visitors, how many visitors have purchased a particular product. 
  • The moment user has registered themselves on the site by providing all the required details then they won’t be anonymous to Shopclues. All the information will be collected to keep a record of this information in case of any emergency as well as to provide the benefits such as offers, coupon codes & many more. 

Contact / Customer care : 

Shopclues give their utmost support to its customers. All the queries regarding their company amongst its customers will be solved by them with a clarity that afterward no issue should arise in the mind of the user who wants to buy something from Shopclues. The team of Shopclues is known for its helpful behavior to its customers. Be the question is related to the products which are available at their site or the offers which are given by Shopclues to their customers as well as regarding the legal policies. Every query can be solved by them. The different modes through which this conversation between Shopclues & its customers take place is via calling on their phone number or writing your issue in the seller support section which is given on their official website. 

Below are the given data regarding their customer support:

For merchant related query: 

For technical support, give a call on 

Phone number: 0124 4669777  which will be available from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm in only 5 weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday 

Or you can pay a visit to their office address, 

Clues Network Pvt. Ltd. 

Building No. 112, Sector – 44, Gurgaon, 122001, Haryana, India 

So guys, install Shopclues now & start exploring your favorite products using Shopclues coupons & enjoy their full benefits. 

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