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PharmEasy coupons - Discount of 18% on an order value of Rs. 999 for new users. PharmEasy Promo Code - SAVE18
PharmEasy coupons - 15% discount along with a cashback of 20% on the 1st order of your medicine. PharmEasy Promo Code - 20EXTRA
PharmEasy coupons - If you are conducting your lab tests with PharmEasy, 10% will be off to users. PharmEasy Promo Code - HEALTHY10
PharmEasy coupons - All the healthcare products are up to 60% off on PharmEasy. PharmEasy Promo Code - Not Required
PharmEasy coupons - On the purchase of medicine worth Rs. 999 while using Amazon Pay one can get a Rs. 300 cashback as well as 18% off on medicines in the first order. PharmEasy Promo Code - Not Required

PharmEasy coupons have made the life of persons who weren’t able to find their particular medicine at ease. It is a one-stop destination on the online platform to purchase medicines, consult a doctor or physician, etc. It is amongst the best online platform in India for online pharmacy.

PharmEasy gives any sort of services to its customers like booking diagnostic tests such as blood tests, body checkups, & many others at a decent range & will be conducted right from the customer's doorstep without going anywhere & wasting time at while standing at the line. 

So use the below given PharmEasy coupons & start exploring now.

PharmEasy coupons are as follows: 

  1. While ordering your first medicine from PharmEasy new users can use code SAVE18 to get a discount of 18% on an order value of Rs. 999. 
  2. If the 1st order of your medicine is worth 1299 Rs from PharmEasy you can use code 20EXTRA with a 15% discount along with a cashback of 20%. 
  3. While playing Mystery game on PharmEasy a gift can be made available to its users.
  4. If payment is made while using IndusInd Bank then one can earn a cashback of Rs.1000on for some orders. 
  5. If you are conducting your lab tests with PharmEasy, 10% will be off to users who use code HEALTHY10. 
  6. All the healthcare products are up to 60% off on PharmEasy. 
  7. On the purchase of medicine worth Rs. 999 while using Amazon Pay one can get a Rs. 300 cashback as well as 18% off on medicines in the first order. 


PharmEasy ships order at the doorstep of their customers in between 1-7 working days. The shipping charge of the order depends on the type of order placed. If the order is costly then the shipping charge will be more as compared to the other. 

The refund policy is different depending on the product medicines can be returned in between 30 days while health care products within 0-3 days from the date of delivery. 

Terms and conditions:

  • The word, “ You", “Your” which can be seen while reading the terms shall mean any legal person who has registered themselves on the website or who visits the website as a guest and unknowingly has given their permission  to every term &  conditions that may be posted on it & should be of legal age while enjoying the services of PharmEasy 
  • PharmEasy respects the customer's private data and protects personal & sensitive information with care. By accessing the website’s content users confirmed that they agree to all the privacy measurements taken by the owner of the website & are solely responsible. 
  • If the user will transact with any of the available third party through the website, they will be the sole person to take responsibility for any loss of their private data due to the actions taken by those parties. 
  • Some medicines are only available if it is prescribed by the physician. At that time a scanned image of the prescription will be required for its purchase. 
  • Sometimes it shows the availability of those products which are not actually in stock if such an issue occurs then it is not under the PharmEasy concern since it is a seller-related error. 
  • Information given about the doctor’s or the experts is not for any advertisement purposes. It is merely for the guidance of the users to choose their consultant. 
  • PharmEasy is the sole possessor to modify these terms & conditions any time it wants without any prior notice to the users. It is the duty of their consumers to read the terms & conditions every time they place an order. 

Privacy policy: 

  • PharmEasy provides the best security services to protect the personal information of its users with encryption methods to prevent any loss of data. 
  • Personal data that is collected by PharmEasy to keep the record of their customers are name, address to deliver the medicine, gender, age, Mobile number to contact them. Data of Payment is also being recorded by the same such as debit or credit card numbers. To improve their website, PharmEasy collects the nonpersonal information of the user such as IP address & location. 
  • Some data in the form of cookies are also being collected by PharmEasy but No need to be tensed about such cookies it does not store any personal information. They are usually only set in response to some impressions made by the customers which amount to a request for services like sign up process or some other services 
  • PharmEasy uses this personal information to resolve disputes, help promote a safe service by securing your confidential information of banking, credit, or debit card numbers which you have used at the time of transaction & will be bind by the terms of Indian jurisdiction. 
  • They will not share any of the personal information with any of the featured third parties on their website. Information will only be shared if in some cases fraud is taking place or some other spam issue is involved. 
  • Information of the user will only be shared for transaction purposes with the verified vendors involved in the proper functioning of the website. 
  • Users have to thoroughly read the privacy policy each time they are engaging with its use since it will be changed, modified by the PharmEasy legal committee from time to time & will only be under 

Contact/ Customer care: 

PharmEasy is a company that deals with the medicine sector of India on an online platform. It provides full support to its customers who are engaged with the services of PharmEasy. The queries related to the services offered by PharmEasy, their promotions, the products available at the PharmEasy all can be solved by the team of the company. One can call them, mail them or chat with them for the solution of their queries at level 1 or can complain about the 2nd level by mailing to their grievance officer. 

Email I’d: [email protected] 

Phone number: 76661 00300 

Grievance concern: 

[email protected] 

All the queries will be answered by their team within a day. 

So install PharmEasy now & start enjoying its facilities. No need to step out of your house to buy a simple thing or medicine from a medical store. 

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