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GoAir is an Indian based airline company that is really popular among Indians. This Indian based parent company was founded in the year 2005 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. It was founded by Jeh Wadia in order to provide an affordable journey for Indians. GoAir is really popular among people due to their low-cost expenses. At present this Indian based airline company operates in more than nine foreign countries. GoAir is also the fifth largest airline company in India. People in India prefer GoAir due to their low expenses compare to other airline companies.

They operate more than 300 flights in both domestic and international sectors. They try to provide the best travel experience for every customer. They reduced the expenses of their flight ticket by cutting of complimentary meals for their customers. People can pay extra money if they want in-flight food. Therefore most of the Indians prefer this low-cost Indian based airline ticket in order to make their journey more affordable. Another important feature of a go air is that they provide the services to almost every destination in India. They make sure that their services are best and the customers are happy with their services. They have an excellent customer care service center in which you can solve any of your problems related to your journey. GoAir recruits their pilots and flight attendants carefully in order to provide the best experience for the customers.

They instead providing the best services at affordable prices. GoAir is really popular among both Indians and non-Indians. It is mainly due to its customer-friendly approach and low expense flight tickets. 


GoAir is an Indian based airline company which provides the most affordable flight tickets for people. GoAir was established in the year 2005 and became successful within few years itself. This Indian based airline company was established in order to provide flight tickets at cheap rates. They managed to balance their income and loss by several strategical methods.

They don’t provide complimentary meals to their travelers. But the customers can get their in-flight meal after paying for it. Through all these ways, they reduced their expenses and due to which people can get flight tickets at cheaper rates.

GoAir is also preferred by almost every Indian due to their unbelievable offers and deals. The following are some of the most popular offers and deals available for a limited period. It is suggested to redeem any of these offers or exclusive GoAir coupon code before they expire.

Use the following GoAir Coupon code in order to get up to 10 % off on bookings made through GoAir mobile application – GOAPP10

Click on the following link in order to get the best quarantine deals from GoAir anywhere in India. https://goholiday.goair.in/cp/quarantine-packages-729

Click on the following link in order to get up to 5 % off on all flight tickets and free baggage allowance up to 30 kg for students. https://www.goair.in/promotions/offer-for-students

Click on the following link in order to get up to 10 % off on all flight tickets and 10 kg excess baggage allowance for defense personnel. https://www.goair.in/promotions/defence-promotion

Click on the following link in order to get up to 8 % off on all flight ticket for senior citizen https://www.goair.in/promotions/offer-for-senior-citizens

All these offers and exclusive deals mentioned above are available for a certain period of time only. After such a period, all these offers and exclusive deals mentioned above will expire.

Therefore it is suggested to redeem all these offers before expiring. Those people who couldn’t redeem these coupons or deals don’t have to worry as GoAir provides more offers every time for their customers. They announce their updates and offers mainly through their social media handles. Following are some of the social media handles of GoAir and people should follow any of the social media handles in order to be in touch with them.

Click on the following link in out of the follow GoAir through Facebook https://m.facebook.com/GoAir/

Click on the following link in out of the follow GoAir through Twitter https://twitter.com/goairlinesindia?

Click on the following link in out of the follow GoAir through Instagram https://www.instagram.com/goairlinesindia/?hl=en

Click on the following link in out of the follow GoAir through YouTube https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCIfzV_f5UIrrp_CG-xicWuQ

Click on the following link in out of the follow GoAir through LinkedIn https://in.linkedin.com/company/goair


  • Can we book a seat of our choice through GoAir?

Yes, GoAir provides a service of complete freedom to the customer for selecting their seat

  • Does GoAir provide complimentary refreshments during our journey?

No, go air listen provide complimented the replacement during our journey. We have to pre-book a meal.

  • Can I transfer my flight ticket to another person?

No, GoAir doesn’t allow transferring their flight tickets with other people.

  • Can I book for an extra baggage allowance?

Yes, you can book for an extra baggage allowance while booking your flight ticket.

  • Do they provide a wheelchair for handicapped passengers?

Yes, GoAir provides a wheelchair for handicapped passengers. They even help with other proceedings.

  • What is the check-in time policy according to GoAir?

People should complete their check-in proceedings before 45 minutes of their departure. It is always suggested to complete it before one hour itself

  • Is there any cost of carrying extra baggage?

Yes, GoAir charges a different amount according to the weight of extra items of baggage. 

  • Can we do a web check-in with GoAir?

Yes, you can complete the web check-in through GoAir between 72 hours and one hour of your scheduled departure. 

  • What is the free baggage allowance for domestic flights of GoAir?

People can carry up to 20 kg of check-in baggage in the domestic flights of GoAir. You can carry only 7 kg of cabin baggage along with you. 

  • Can we cancel or reschedule our journeys through GoAir?

Yes, at present you can cancel or reschedule your journey through GoAir.

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