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Fabindia is one of the most popular Indian based brands which has huge demand in India. Fabindia is popular among people due to several reasons.FabIndia was founded in the year 1960 by an American named John Bissell.

He was attracted to the Indian culture and artisans producing different types of attractive products. Therefore he decided to make it available to almost every Indians and foreigner by establishing FabIndia. Fabindia is a chain of retail stores selling different types of products like furniture, clothes, traditional products, etc.

They opened their first store in New Delhi in a simple way. Within a few years itself they became quite popular among Indians because most of the products provided by them were Indian made. John Bissell was attracted by Indian artisans and their products and he decided to make it available for almost every Indians and foreigner. At present FabIndia has its headquarters in New Delhi and they have several exclusive offline stores all across India.

Therefore FabIndia is a blessing for Indian artisans who are into handmade products. They started off their business in two rooms which were linked and sold small hand made products made by Indian artisans. 



FabIndia is an Indian based retail store owned by an American. FabIndia was founded in the year 1960 and has an experience of more than 50 years in the field of retail selling.

They provide several products to Indian customers. This brand aims to provide Indian made goods to both Indians and foreigners. They started their business in a simple way by selling small handmade products to the people. Then they expanded their business by adding more and more products to their collection. At present they have a lot of products like handmade products, clothes, jewelry, etc. They provide all these products to both Indians and foreigners.

They ship their products internationally to make their customers happy. They have several products like organic food, home decors, and other attractive products. Their organic products have a huge demand in the Indian market as well as the foreign markets also.

At present they have almost everything that is required in an Indian household. The recent by fab India is popular is due to their strictly Indian made products. Another reason for their huge demand in the Indian market is due to their exclusive deals, offers, and FabIndia coupon code. The following are some of the exclusive deals for Fabindia customers. 


Click on the following link to buy women’s pants, palazzos and shararas starting at Rs 469/ https://www.fabindia.com/clothing/women-pants-palazzos

Click on the following link in order to buy Men’s Shawls And Mufflers Starting Rs. 894 https://www.fabindia.com/clothing/men-stoles-shawls-mufflers

Click on the following link to buy Maternity Wear starting at Rs. 605 https://www.fabindia.com/shop/women-sale-maternity-wear

Click on the following link to buy wooden Kashi furniture starting at Rs 1,500 only. https://www.fabindia.com/collection/kashi

Click on the following link to buy cushion covers at just Rs 115/- https://www.fabindia.com/home/cushion-covers

Click on the following link to buy living room furnitures from Rs 4,900/-https://www.fabindia.com/furniture/living-room

Click on the following link to buy jewelry at 40 % off https://www.fabindia.com//shop/women-accessories

Click on the following link to buy furniture at 50 % off https://www.fabindia.com//shop/sale-home-furniture

Click on the following link to buy exclusive bundles of products at 15 % off https://www.fabindia.com/collection/bundle-offers

All those offers and deals mentioned above are of limited validity. Therefore it is suggested to redeem any of the offers mentioned above to get huge discounts.

Those people who couldn’t redeem any of these offers mentioned above don’t have to worry as Fabndia provides a lot of offers and deals now and then. What you have to do is to be in touch with them through their social media handles.

They will announce every purpose and details provided by them through their social media handles. Below are some of the social media handles of Fabindia through which you can find upcoming deals, offers, and exclusive coupon codes. 

Click on the following link to follow Fabindia through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Fabindia

Click on the following link to follow Fabindia through Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fabindiaofficial/?hl=en

Click on the following link to follow Fabindia through Twitter https://twitter.com/FabindiaNews?

Click on the following link to follow Fabindia through YouTube https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCHKTYyQbqpF0PyUekJgBXUQ

Click on the following link to follow Fabindia through Pinterest https://in.pinterest.com/fabindiapin/

Click on the following link to follow Fabindia through LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/fabindia


  • Are FabIndia and Indian based retail brand?

Yes, Fabindia is an Indian based brand that was founded by an American. 

  • Does Fabindia provide international shipping of their orders?

Yes, they provide international shipping of the products. 

  • Why is FabIndia quite expensive?

Fabindia is a brand in India which has an experience of more than 40 years. Therefore their products are quite expensive when compare to other newbies 

  • Does FabIndia provide organic products?

Yes, Fabindia provides organic products for their customers. People can easily find organic products in the organic category.

  • Does FabIndia provides retail offline stores in India?

Yes, FabIndia has exclusive retail stores across India.

  • Does FabIndia provide genuine products?

Yes, FabIndia provides genuine products to its customers. They collect their products from village artisans and sell them to their customers. 

  • Does FabIndia provide handloom products?

Yes, Fabindia provides most of its products as handloom and handicraft products. They use natural materials. 

  • Is there any requirement to create an account with FabIndia to place an order?

No, you can place an order with Fabindia without creating an account itself. However, you will get more benefits if you sign up with Fabindia.

  • Can we cancel an order made through Fabindia?

Yes, you can cancel your order before it has been dispatched. 

  • Can I modify my order after payment?

No, you cannot modify your order after completing the payment.

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