Dr Vaidya Coupon Code

Dr. Vaidya Coupon Code, Promo Codes, and offers:

Dr Vaidya Coupon Code Dr Vaidya Coupon, Promo Codes and Offers
Dr Vaidya Coupon Code - 15% discount on sitewide offers on some selected products Dr Vaidya Promo Codes - CXGBDV15
Dr Vaidya Coupon Code - 15% off with an extra 10% off is provided to all their prepaid users on orders which are or above 999₹ Dr Vaidya Promo Codes - CX15
Dr Vaidya Coupon Code - 10% discount with a bonus 10% discount Dr Vaidya Promo Codes - LUCKY10
Dr Vaidya Coupon Code - 12% discount with an extra benefit Dr Vaidya Promo Codes - LUCKY10
Dr Vaidya Coupon Code - 5% Discount on glucose regulators of Dr. Vaidya’s Ayurveda clinic with an additional 10% off Dr Vaidya Promo Codes - LUCKY10

Dr. Vaidya Coupon codes are quite beneficial for their users. It is an authentic platform which brings about the best Ayurveda techniques & products to keep a smile on the faces of their customer for a long time ago.

The team of Dr. Vaidya’s dedicated themselves to treat their patients from the root problem. So do read the following article to know more about Dr. Vaidya’s product, their clinic & their different treatment procedures. 


Dr. Vaidya’s is an ancient heritage industry. It is founded by Dr. Natoobhai Vaidya & has marked its presence in the Ayurveda sector that too in the online platform.

All the products manufactured by Dr. Vaidya are approved by the FDA which is a legal & authentic certification. The main point that Dr. Vaidya has been made to achieve is to make aware all the people about traditional knowledge as well as ancient science. They want to make a mark on the world so that everyone will recognize them as Proud Indian. 

The products which are available here are as follows: 

For allergy & Cold Herbofit capsule, medicine against arthritis, body & joint pain, breathing issues, Cholesterol related problems, Dental care, Diabetes problem, Headache, Immunity & Hygiene, problems related with indigestion & upset stomach, Sexual wellness & Juices of different Ayurvedic herbs & many more. 

To get the coupons of such a brand will enlighten the mood of their users. Go & grab the below mentioned Dr. Vaidya’s coupon code & get exciting offers. 

Dr. Vaidya Coupon Code is as follows: 

  1. Dr. Vaidya gives a 15% discount on sitewide offers on some selected products using Dr. Vaidya’s coupon code CXGBDV15.
  2. 15% off with an extra 10% off is provided to all their prepaid users on orders which are or above 999₹ using code CX15.
  3. Herbal hand sanitizer of Dr. Vaidya’s is on a 10% discount with a bonus 10% discount using coupon code LUCKY10.
  4. Immunity products that are in stock at Dr. Vaidya’s are on a 12% discount with an extra benefit of discount using coupon code LUCKY10.
  5. 5% Discount on glucose regulators of Dr. Vaidya’s Ayurveda clinic with an additional 10% off using code LUCKY10. 
  6. All the products related to cold & allergic reactions are at a 10% discount using coupon code LUCKY10. 
  7. All the Ayurveda medicine of Dr. Vaidya’s on Stress & anxiety issues are on a discount of 10% from their MRP. 


Dr. Vaidya’s provides an online shopping platform for its products to its users. The normal delivery time taken by Dr. Vaidya’s is in between 3- 10 days. Standard shipping charges are applied on the delivery of their products & provides free shipping on orders which are paid before the delivery i.e. on prepaid orders & is a special feature of Dr. Vaidya’s. 

If by any chance the product is damaged or defective then only return / exchange of the product can be initiated otherwise it is not allowed. A refund will be initiated afterward 

Terms & Conditions: 

  • The word, “ You", “You're” shall mean any person who has registered themselves on the official website or who visits it as a guest and unknowingly has agreed to every term &  conditions that may be posted on it and should be 18 years old.
  • Dr. Vaidya respects the privacy of their users and protects their personal & sensitive data with the utmost care they will not disclose your personal data by providing you some policies. By accessing the website’s content users confirmed that they agree to all the privacy measurements taken by Dr. Vaidya & are solely responsible. 
  • The product might be a little bit different from the product described on the website. There may be some variation among the product in terms of looks, colors, description, etc. which will not be significant.
  • If the user will transact with any third party which is mentioned on their website, they will be the sole person to take responsibility for any loss of the user's private information. 
  • The website owner makes no sort of warranties or claims & is not responsible for any misunderstood information regarding the data available at the website
  • Terms & Conditions can be modified without notifying their users by Dr. Vaidya’s. 

Privacy Policy: 

  • The company provides a strict & secured private policy that promises its users that every data that they have acknowledged here is encrypted and safe.
  • The personal profile which has been collected by www.drvaidya.com  at the time of form filling is the individual's name, address, gender, age, Mobile number. Some Financial data regarding Payment is also being recorded. Account login profile at the time of membership is analyzed to give the best services to their users. 
  • Drvaidyas.com handles the sensitive & personal profile which the customer provides them or which they themselves collect through their sites with great care & is utilized to provide you their offers on their services of the company, their promotions and improving the quality of the products or services. You can opt-out of some of their services voluntarily. 
  • Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website which is collected at the time of visiting the website. These cookies do not store any personal data.
  • The company will not disclose any of this personal data except as specified herein or if you express your agreement towards the same.
  • The Company can change the privacy policy without providing any notification to the users.

Contact / Customer care: 

Dr. Vaidya's provide an excellent service of customer care. They care about their patients & users a lot. If the user has any query in relation to the product, their offer of some products,  their treatment procedure, or anything you contact them anytime via their email address, phone number or can pay directly a visit to their office.

Email I’d: [email protected] 

Customer care number: 2248931761

Clinic Contact: 9820291850 ( Monday- Friday) from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm 

Or you can pay a visit to their clinic at,

F/15, 6th floor, commerce center, near A/C Market, 78 Tardeo Road, Mumbai Central (west), Mumbai 400034, Maharashtra, India. 

So if you have any ailments or issues & want to treat them at a lower cost using a decent range of products use Dr. Vaidya’s coupon code & get a discount on your respective product.

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