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Colorbar is one of the most popular premium cosmetic brands in India which was launched in the year 2005. They started their business in a simple way and a person they have more than 65 exclusive stores along with more than 900 multi-brand outlets in India.

They are in collaboration with some of the most popular brands like lifestyle, pantaloons, etc. They have emerged as the best premium cosmetic brand in India merely by their hard work. They have also marked their presence in Middle East countries by establishing exclusive stores in Dubai.

This Indian based cosmetic brand is also really popular among foreigners. One of the main reasons for their use of bloody among Indian customers is their exclusive colorbar coupons. Colorbar coupons will really help you to save a lot of money and get the best products at reasonable prices. This Indian based premium cosmetic brand became successful due to its innovative formulations, high-quality packaging, great customer care services, etc.

At present, it is the one-stop destination for almost every Indian woman. They are regularly updating their product list according to the global trend. When we look at the products provided by this Indian based premium brand, we will be really surprised. They have the best makeup and skincare products for eyes, lips, face, skin, etc. They manufacture their products in accordance with almost every regulation worldwide.

They have been certified as safe products by several boards also. They have an exclusive webpage in which people can find the best deals and colorbar coupons. Colorbar coupons are available to every customer without any bias.


Colorbar is an Indian based premium cosmetic brand that was founded in the year 2005. They started their business through a few products which became popular in no time. There are definitely no doubts regarding the quality of products from Colorbar.

Colorbar is the place where people can find a lot of products related to skincare and healthcare. They have a huge collection of skincare products that are free from almost every artificial ingredients and has fewer side effects also. People can even know the ingredients used in any particular product by simply clicking on the description list.

This is definitely the best place for buying products which can be trusted. Almost every person who has brought products from this reputed premium brand have left positive reviews and recommended them for other people also. They have almost every makeup and beauty care products which the Indian customers want.

And also manufacture their products according to the conditions in India. Therefore most of the products have a great effect and to use when compared to products from other brands. Colorbar coupon codes also played a great role in their success story. All these reasons make people stuck to Colorbar.


Colorbar is an Indian based premium cosmetic brand for Indian customers. This premium cosmetic brand was established in the year 2005 and became popular in no time. They have a huge collection of cosmetic and beauty care products that are most demanded by Indian customers.

Another important quality which attracts people towards them is due to their affordable prices. They also have exclusive Colorbar coupons. Almost every premium cosmetic brands in India charge huge amounts for their products. But on the other hand, this premium cosmetic brand charges only affordable rates and offers great products also. But taking into consideration of these matters, people are more attracted to this premium brand.

They are also really popular for their year-long offers and deals. Here let’s discuss some of the ongoing offers and Colorbar coupons.

Use the following Colorbar Coupon code to get flat 20% off on your first order. – CBNU20

Click on the following link in order to buy products up to 60 % off

Click on the following link to buy bubble mask at just Rs.250

Click on the following link in order to know more about other offers and upcoming deals.

You can choose the gift you wish to get for every purchase worth Rs.1000

Almost every colorbar coupons are limited period offers. Therefore it is really important to redeem them before they get expired. But you don’t have to worry as they provide offers all year long.

They announce their new products and Colorbar coupons through their social media handles. Therefore it is really important to be connected with them.

Click on the following link to follow Colorbar through Facebook

Click on the following link to follow Colorbar through Twitter

Click on the following link to follow Colorbar through Instagram

Click on the following link to follow Colorbar through YouTube


  • Can we order something without creating a Colorbar account?

Yes, you can definitely order through Colorbar without registering for them. However, you need to register to them in order to get reward points.

  • How many accounts can we create with the same email or phone number?

You can create only one unique account using a particular email and mobile number. You can edit your account anytime.

  • Can we know the ingredients of every cosmetic product available through Colorbar?

Yes, you can know the ingredients of each product by clicking on the view product ingredient option.

  • Does Colorbar harm animals in order to manufacture their products?

No, they don’t harm any animals for their manufacturing process. Even though there are several cosmetic brands that are made by harming animals, Colorbar doesn’t come under that category.

  • Do they provide vegan products?

Yes, they do provide vegan products. You can simply click on each product to know whether it is vegan or not.

  • Can I change my delivery address after placing an order?

Yes, you can. But you have to contact the customer care support of Colorbar in order to make any correction with the delivery address. You cannot change the address online after placing an order.

  • Is there any cash on delivery payment mode for Colorbar?

Yes, they provide Cash On Delivery payment mode for their orders.

  • Does Colorbar deliver their products to anywhere in India?

  • Yes, Colorbar delivers its products to everywhere in India.

    Do they have any delivery charges?

The delivery charge will be free for orders above ₹500. All orders below Rs.500 will be charged ₹99 for delivery.

  • Can I cancel my order through Colorbar?

Yes, you can cancel your order anytime by contacting their customer care support.

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