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Beardo is one of the most popular brands in India which is exclusively for grooming for men. Beardo is owned by Zed lifestyle Private Limited which is an Ahmedabad based company. Beardo was founded in the year 2016 by Priyank Seth along with Ashutosh Valani. The duo were childhood friends and business partners who came up with the idea of this brand.

It is a known fact that beauty and cosmetic products were meant for women only. This was a social stigma which was created by the manufacturers of cosmetic products in India. When we have a look at the cosmetic products available in India, it is clear that there are no grooming or cosmetic products for men. Like women, men also have to undergo grooming in order to look elegant and clean.

There are several grooming products available to women and men have nothing other than some Chinese products. The founders of Beardo Brand understood the void in the cosmetic field and decided to fill that void with their products.

Therefore in the year 2016, they launched their company with just two products. They came up with a beard oil which helps people to enhance the growth and health of beard. The other product was a beard wash which was much needed by most of the men in India. It was quite irritating and not a great option for men to wash their beards with normal face wash or something like that. People with beards really needed something special to take care of themselves.

The founders of beardo came up with this brand to provide grooming products exclusively for men which gathered huge demand and appreciation. Then they grew at an unbelievable pace and became the largest seller of grooming products for men in India.


Beardo is one of the most popular brands which provides grooming products for men. They are really popular among people as most of their products are unique and useful. There was a time when there were no grooming products for men existed. That was a tough time for men in India to take care of their beauty and health.

It is equally important to take care of beauty and health by both men and women. But back then, before the introduction of this brand, there were no grooming products for men which had great quality. All that was left for men in India were some cheap Chinese products that were useless.

Therefore in the year 2016, the founders of this brand decided to change the situation by introducing grooming products for men. They came up with the right products like beard oil which helps to maintain and enhance the growth of beard. Then the other product was a beard washer through which people can remove the dirt from their beard without losing any moisture or oil content. It was a  revolution with the introduction of this brand in Indian markets.

But after the introduction, this brand had unbelievable acceleration by way of appreciation and demand. A brand that started off its journey with just two products came up to a situation in which it provides products under six categories. Each category has several products that are unbelievable. This is a true start-up that turned into huge success within few years itself. 


Beardo is one of the most popular brands which manufactures grooming products for men. This brand is really popular among Indians due to the quality of products provided by them. Since this is an Indian based company, they provide their products at reasonable prices. Moreover, they try to attract more and more customers by providing unbelievable offers and deals on their products.

There are several coupons that are available to the people. Customers can redeem it by applying the Coupon code while checking out. Here let’s discuss some of the most popular coupons that are available for these products.

  • Use the following coupon code to get 15 percentage flat off on grooming tools, oils, perfumes, face wash, shampoo, masks, soaps, etc: BEARDOCZ15
  • Use the following Coupon code if you are a new user to get flat 20 %  off men grooming productsFIRST20
  • Use the following Coupon code to get flat 10 percent off on all products: BEARDOCZ10
  • Use the following Coupon code to get flat 15 percentage of on men’s grooming products and an extra cashback of 8%: BEARDOFKM15
  • Use the following coupon code to get flat 20 percentage off on grooming products and an extra 8% cashback: BEARDO20
  • Use the following Coupon code to get flat 50 percentage of phone orders of Rs 450 and above and get an extra 8% cashback: BEARDO50
  • Use the following coupon code to get up to 25 percent off on grooming products and 8% cashback while purchasing using HDFC card: HDFCBEARDO
  • Use the following Coupon code to get an extra 10 percent off on all products and 8% cashback: BEARDO_10
  • Use the following coupon code to get an extra 5% off on all products and 8% cashback: BEARDO_05

These are some of the coupons which are available to almost every product provided by this brand. People have to copy this Coupon code and apply it in order to get cashback and discounts.          


  • Is this an Indian based company?

Yes, this is an Indian based company which is based on Ahmedabad.

  • Are products from Beardo safe to use?

Yes, it is really safe to use products from the bed of his job as far as now there are no complaints regarding their products.

  • How can I buy Beardo products?

You can buy a bar of products from either their official website or through any other online shopping websites.

  • Are Beardo products exclusively for men?

No, everybody can use products from bed or. However, some products are recommended to be used by men only. 

  • Do Beardo products have any side effects?

No, there are no side effects for products from Beardo. However, it is suggested to test on your skin before applying it.

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