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ADDA247 is one of the most popular online education platforms in India. This is the best place for those people who would like to crack government exams easily. In India, there are several coaching centers and institutions which help people to develop their skills in order to crack every type of examinations. But people aren’t attracted to these centers which are really expensive. So in the year 2016, the founders of ADDA 247 decided to provide quality education for every Indian.

Therefore they launched this online educational platform in order to guide and help those people with their skills in order to crack government examinations. Just like any other online educational platform, they offer their services at a particular rate which is reasonable. Their curriculum and method of teaching are really different than any other online educational platform.

There thorough examination and presence of highly qualified trainers are an asset for them. They regularly took the analysis of their uses and help them in every way to improve their skills. 


ADDA247 is one of the most popular online educational platform which helps its users to crack government examinations. This is one of the best online educational platforms which provides the proper get line and encouragement to those people who are about to write or face a government examination. It is a dream for most of the Indians to hold a government position or job. Each and every government job can be attained only after passing their eligibility test. Since there is a huge demand for government jobs, with the entrance test or eligibility test for government jobs is not really easy. In order to find the best people, these tests are conducted without any considerations. Therefore people who are deserving can pass this examination. ADDA247 helps people to pass this exam nation by improving their skills.

This online-based educational platform has a lot of users among which most of them have at least failed in one government examination. They provide coaching for government examinations, bank examinations, teaching examination, defense examination, etc. People can enroll in these for getting coaching. They provide regular examinations through mock tests, video tutorials, sample question papers, E-books, etc. The way they handle the attendance of three students his extraordinary. Another important feature of enrolling in ADDA247 is that even gets the required amount of attention from qualified teachers.

They will help you to find out you are weak points and the required get lines to improve yourself. They even notify you about the various tests that are conducted in India. Altogether this is the best place for those people who would like to crack government examinations tests.



ADDA247 is one of the leading online educational platforms in India. This online educational platform was launched in the year 2016 by Saurabh Bansal. This online educational platform was introduced in order to provide a good quality of education for every Indian. The founder of this already takes a small platform found himself that there are no educational institutions that are available to everybody in India to excel in government examinations.

Therefore this online educational platform was launched in order to provide quality education to almost every Indian. This online educational institution has received several recognition and awards also. They claimed that they offer their services to more than 40 million users every year. This itself shows the quality of services provided by them. Moreover, they provide their services through mobile applications also. ADDA247 is available for both Android and iPhone users.

They even claim that according to recent surveys, ADDA247 is ranked number one android application in terms of usage and under the online educational category. When we look at the charges for their costs, they provide different charges for each field. They provide coaching in Banking, SSC, Teaching, railways, defense categories. The charge different amounts and people can choose the best type of subscription they want. Their subscription charges start from Rs.60 per month to Rs.500 per month. Their subscription charges change according to the category and the offers available.



ADDA247 Is one of the leading online educational platforms in India. This Indian-based online educational platform was launched in the year 2016 and aims at providing quality education and the required amount of encouragement for those people who are about to crack government examinations.

It is a dream for almost every Indian to hold a government job. But due to the huge demand and numerous applicants, several qualifying examinations are conducted in order to find the best applicants. The qualifying examinations are not that easy for a common person. Therefore the required immense support and propagate line to crack government examinations.

For them, ADDA247 is the best place. Here people can get the services of qualified instructors along with a good insight into the exam they are preparing for.ADDA247 claims that most of their uses improved their talents and have cracked most of the government examinations through their proper guidance.

It is really important to know about the classes and notifications regarding government examinations. Therefore it is necessary for a government job aspirant to be well informed about such notifications.ADDA247 provides every notification and their offers on courses provided to the people. You can now about upcoming notifications and tips for cracking Government examinations through various platforms.

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  • Does ADDA247 notify about upcoming government examinations?

Yes, it provides notifications about every upcoming government examinations.

  • Do they provide live classes to the users?

Yes, live classes are available on the basis of the subscription you have taken.

  • How do they assess a user’s talent online?

They conduct regular mock tests and interactive classes in order to assess the user.

  • Why are the classes through ADDA247 really expensive?

The classes are expensive and the services provided by them match the charges asked by them. Moreover, people can go for a low-cost subscription which is available in every category.

  • Can we cancel our subscription at any time?

Yes, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time by notifying them.

  • Can we ask our doubts through this online educational platform?

Yes, definitely you can ask your doubts to the expert faculties.

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